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Russian billionaire relieved of his Estonian citizenship

An asset value of 500 million USD does not make him a billionaire. He is still an extremely wealthy individual but not a billionaire. Reply to the comment answer
~kev [17.02.2012, 21:46]
But he has far more than you have, doesn't he? I imagine he would regard you as something not far above a flea on the social-economic scale compared to himself.
~@kev [17.02.2012, 23:23]
and the reason for your stupid comment is.....? or are you too stupid to comment on the article itself?
~kev [18.02.2012, 14:45]
0.5 billion is aproximately 1 billion.
~Jon [28.02.2012, 21:43]
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Well, that would put him at 5.8Bn kroons
At the time, at least a billionaire here. :D Reply to the comment answer
~Other Ameeriklane [18.02.2012, 12:26]
They don't use the kroon anymore. So my comment stands...
~kev [18.02.2012, 14:49]
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Maybe they should call him a semi-billionaire. Reply to the comment answer
~Where's the beef? [18.02.2012, 18:00]
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500 million dollars or nothing, still a Russian occupant. Dievs Sveti Latviju. Reply to the comment answer
~Ilmars [19.02.2012, 00:02]
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"....had additionally acquired Russian citizenship .....double citizenship is generally not permitted in Estonia".

This is a statement of staggering stupidity.
There are loads of people in the EU with dual nationality, but Estonian doesn't permit this???????

What a country of losers. Reply to the comment answer
~more stupidity [19.02.2012, 07:32]
Estonia belongs to loser countries like the US, Luxembourg and Germany. All three expect that after naturalisation the "new" give up their old nationality (Germany has some minor exceptions).

But do not let facts come into your argumentation stupid loser
~LOL [19.02.2012, 10:33]
Let's not get in the way of the facts shall we?

Germany has some very old laws left over from the Nazi times.
I don't ever recall the USA being in the EU??
It's tiny.
The population multiplies x2 every morning as people go to work.

It's really the only thing you can find to back up your shit and the usual "WE in Estonia have our own laws and we don't give a f...ck about anyone else"!!
~dummerz unite [19.02.2012, 21:16]
The Nazi-time? Oh my god. You must be one of those rare british braindeads who always refer to the Nazis if they hear or read the word Germany. First Germany already exist before the NSDAP and 60 years of democratic governance offered a lot of time to change laws, second the laws were revised under the red-green government a decade ago and even then the parliament/ government saw no reason to change it and prohibited dual nationality with some minor exceptions. Refering to your first comment: Yes, the US are of course not in the EU, but the structure stays the same. And your behaviour to say: Luxembourg is tiny also fits with Estonia. Estonia is a loser country and Luxembourg not. Where is the logic? There is no. Another aspect I forgot and that shows your strange thinking: I am not Estonian. Your behaviour/ reaction reminds me on Eesti=No. Of course you are not Eesti=No. I also remember a German joke: Das Wasser ist trüb, die Luft ist rein, Eesti=No muss ertrunken sein!:)
~LOL [20.02.2012, 08:59]
Easy guys!

The official decision on dual citizenship in Germany is a discretionary decision.

The important thing is that the dual citizenship is subject to approval and must be based on obvious reasons or you must be an EU national, repatriate or child of a marriage between Germans and foreigner in this case dual citizenship is allowed by default).

In Germany, the citizenship can be revoked only, if it was obtained by fraud.

In Estonia, however, dual citizenship is prohibited for any reason. However, those who have acquired Estonian citizenship by BIRTH can not lose it under Estonian law.

Therefore, the dual citizenship in Estonia is possible, although the law does not actually provide this. This does not apply to persons who have been NATURALIZED in Estonia. You may be deprived of citizenship as it happend to our Russian "billionaire."
~knut albers [20.02.2012, 15:13]
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Small nations have to protect their culture and values as they are very easily assimilated into other larger neighbouring nations. You may call them "losers" but if you were part of a very tiny nationality, you may have felt differently. Canada and the U.S. have very strict laws about dual citizenship, very few can obtain it. They have to choose one nation and one nation only. Reply to the comment answer
~Devon [19.02.2012, 23:22]
Take examples from Europe not north America.
They have nothing to do with it.

Ukraine also frowns on dual nationality but can do F all about it so tolerates a large number of Israeli nationals who live around the Odessa area with clear dual Ukrainian/Israeli nationality, never mind the dual russian/ukr Crimeans or the Crimean tartarians..
They all bring benefits to the economy.

Your reasoning is utter bollox, as all you ever do is deprive a minority of their statutary EU or human rights as well as deliberately disenfranchise them when they pay local taxes without complaining.

Estonia = wankerdom
~more bollox [20.02.2012, 06:39]
Just to give a correction about dual nationality in the US. If you are born a US citizen to US citizens, you are allowed to have dual nationality. You do not need to forfeit your US passport or citizenry if you take on another nationality. Why? Simple, anywhere you go in the world to make money as an American you are subject to dual taxation, unless tax accord stands in place with hosting nation. Secondly, if you are born on US soil, you are still a naturalized citizen, even if your parents are of foreigners. Why do you think so many pregnant mexicans come to the US. Its because their kids become citizens if born in the country, and this gives the parents the opportunity to obtain a visa or green card. (not withstanding, yes, a few are sent back)

Something strange about this billionaire (sorry, millionaire), is I wonder exactly is first, how did he make his millions without being a Russian citizen? Was his citizenry expedited because of his economic commitment? Was he a grey passport holder before he became Estonian citizen, and later took Russian citizenship? which was later revoked by Estonia because of the dual nationality law?

Kind of strange it seems.
~Other Ameeriklane [20.02.2012, 15:53]
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What a stupid move. Looks like he will move his money elsewhere. Reply to the comment answer
~krug legb pillr [21.02.2012, 09:36]
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Who needs Estonian citizenship when Latvian citizenship costs 100 000 lati. Goodbye Estonia, hello Latvia. Reply to the comment answer
~Maxim [20.03.2012, 08:32]
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This insgiht's just the way to kick life into this debate. Reply to the comment answer
~Andreas [20.03.2012, 13:12]
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..i wonder if he'd consider Irish citizenship. Rich guys are pretty much allowed to do as they please here and look how well we're doing... Reply to the comment answer
~david [30.03.2012, 17:14]
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Yes Maxim you are right: Everything is for sale in Latvia, even your mother... Reply to the comment answer
~To Maxim [01.06.2012, 09:52]
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for foregigners Latvie, Lithuaani and Estonia is jsut Latvia or baltic :-) Reply to the comment answer
~Iggy [29.10.2012, 13:38]
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