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Editorial: is there an alternative to nuclear power?

Nice to hear what Äripaev "thinks" about nuclear power, but claiming that greens and others started telling us nuclear power isn't safe "as soon as" the desaster in Japan started isn't true. They are telling us since at least 30 years! Reply to the comment answer
~Neo [16.03.2011, 08:45]
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Dear BBN/ Aripaev, don't write anything about you have no clue about. You don't need to be a Green to realize that the days of nuclear power are on espire. Some countries do 'plan' new power plants, but all in all and on a global scale, there are more nuclear plants shut down than replaced by new such plants already by today.

There are plenty of alternate solutions available, also for Estonia. Wind Power, Biomass, Geothermal Energy, Hydrogen, to mention a few of them.

The other thing is to take Energy Efficiency Opportunities. Heat insulation is one of them.

Please do your homework before releasing such quite obvious false, but partisan information. Reply to the comment answer
~knut albers [16.03.2011, 10:45]
If you are so convinced of the silly things you write, may I suggest you just turn off all the nuclear power stations in Germany tomorrow.
Let's just see how you get on.
It's thanks to stupid ignorant twaddle like this, there will be a serious EU wide energy crisis in the next 9-10 years.
There IS no alternative to safe nuclear power.
May I also suggest you test out your coal and oil powered stations with a 9.1 Richter earthquake followed by a 7m high wall of water just for good measure!
~E-pigs unite [06.04.2011, 00:56]
Another pro nuclear power plant A-Hole getting personal and arguing with non-proven assumptions.

Even if Germany would shut down all nuclear power plants there would be no energy crisis there. Coal energy production could compensate the few percent of energy production coming from nuclear power plants in Germany. This to be said, however, the shift should go to renewable energy. According to Michael Sterner from Fraunhofer Institute (IWES), this can be done by 2020 and costs around 200 billions, a fraction from what is to be paid for the bailouts for the PIIGS.

And I value an reputated Institute more than some childish E-Pig settling flame posts here.

Btw, 8 nuclear power plants has been shut down already during the past month. There is no energy crisis detectable you sunshine boy vaticinate with your dogmatism.
~knut albers [06.04.2011, 10:54]
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Somebody show me a nuclear power plant build to provide energy only for 1.3 mio people. This is laughable.

First fix the problems on the cross of liberty. Then talk about power-plants and tunnels to Helsinki. Reply to the comment answer
~kloty [16.03.2011, 10:49]
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http://www.blacklightpower.com/ Reply to the comment answer
~Jon [16.03.2011, 21:57]
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We might be living in the nuclear age,but essentialy we are still living in the age of steam power. while i dont think "green" forms on energy are sufficiant on their own, i cant help feeling that there has to be an alternative to what we have available to us at this time. We just havnt found it yet. We should invest and research now while we still have the timeto find something efficient, cheap, clean and safe. It can be done, but is there the will to do it. Reply to the comment answer
~rom [19.03.2011, 01:36]
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And also first, start behaving like Humans, cold blooded estonians, then talk something else. Reply to the comment answer
~TaraChand [01.04.2011, 20:23]
The resident idiot with nothing to contribute speaks again!!! Instead of your BS, you could talk about wind or tidal power, using peat or wood to generate electricity etc.
~@TC the Chump [01.04.2011, 21:51]
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haha - well if the swiss and the germans - some of the richest countries decide to do so... it must be of course completely crazy. ... at least their economic record proves to be rather sustainable for the past decades. Probably not as wrong as bbn believes. We will see. Reply to the comment answer
~xy [06.04.2011, 22:08]
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~fdg [22.10.2011, 16:49]
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That's a mold-breaker. Great thniking! Reply to the comment answer
~Kailyn [29.01.2012, 18:25]
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This article is rather pointless. I do dislike the title "Whoa! alternative to Nuclear!?" and you finish reading only to find out there is "no alternative to nuclear."

Lets not digress from reality. Yes, "green" energy should be considered. But, it is a really serious undertaking. The world will go nuclear before it goes green.

It will take a Nuclear F*** apocalypse with more than half the worlds reactors suffering nuclear meltdown and over half of the world population dying of radiation, going retarded, and growing arms out of their eyeballs before any "noticeable" shift in energy use will ever occur.

That is the brunt of it. Nuclear power puts out a lot of energy with a lower upfront cost. Making it safe- that is the real undertaking.

If you want to be as far away from a nuclear reactor as possible go east of the Urals or move to S. America, or become a hippy and move to an island.

I have to agree with the guy who mentioned the Fraunhofer institute. Not only is Fraunhofer involved in such things mentioned, but this institute is world renowned in their advancements in the power industry. There is a very large increase in this field of engineering, and I can tell you that Wind/Solar industries will see a significant uptick in the next 5 years. We're discussing 30-40% growth in Green sector power engineering over the next 5 years.

Despite the fact that other countries are pursuing nuclear ambitions, there is certainly a trend in alternative energy solutions being a serious driver for supporting energy needs for a lot of countries. I personally would actually like to see it happen worldwide. Reply to the comment answer
~Other Ameeriklane [30.01.2012, 21:02]
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