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15 most important changes in new Traffic Act

So the great ekspert thinks F1 and normal road conditions and cars are analogous? Do you also think the F-22 and Airbus 380 are analogous? Reply to the comment answer
~@ekspert [03.11.2010, 11:58]
Can you learn to spell?
Expert is spelt this way, not "eggspurt" or any other stupid way.

Undoubtedly today's F1 technology is tomorrow's road car.

See the projected use of Kers and regenerative braking as well as the more and more widespread use of crushable structures and lightweight materials, confined only to the airline industry yesterday.

The average (modern) road car puts an enormous amount more stress on a braking system than a F1 car, as it usually has roughly 3x the weight, and has to decelerate this mass from speeds of 250km/h+

The closest analogy to racing is in modern endurance (sports car) racing or rallying, but of course people like you who can't see further than their noses, point to F1 as being the most important.

Their is no doubt in mind F1 has contributed massively to motor safety over a period of 35 years where drivers died regularly in races.
As a result it's perfectly safe to drive modern cars at 250km/h whereas 30 years ago the average Lada in your country was dangerous at 120.

I don't think you are in any position at all to try to give me lessons of safety, otherwise I strongly recommend you come along to Silverstone circuit and get yourself a RAC licence to prove it.

Some squealing little pig from Estonia is hardly likely in the tiny time he has emerged from soviet times to be able to have acquired enough driving experience to be allowed to go near an Autobahn I hope, or it's probably you are the ones hogging the 3rd lane and driving dangerously.

I see these Eastern european types all the time in Germany these days, and they are the ones flashing lights and weaving around while cars approach from the rear at speeds of 200-260km/h
~esti=NO [03.11.2010, 14:53]
Simple solution for Eesti=No.

If you don't like Estonia don't go there.

I believe that solves the problem, and it also solved an associated problem, which is that Estonia would really be better off without idiots like you spoiling the place anyway :)
~mmm [27.12.2010, 19:56]
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So meester ekspert. How do you explain all the road fatalities if cars are as safe as you say they are? Your blah, blah, blah doesn't match with reality on roads anywhere in the world outside of professional car racing and it goes against another poster's WHO report. You talk about credentials. What credentials do YOU have that makes you better than a UN agency? Reply to the comment answer
~@meester ekspert [03.11.2010, 17:45]
I explain the fatalities on the road by the simple fact there are dickheads driving around like you, who haven't the faintest idea what they are on about and haven't a clue how to drive.

You just confirmed it all by your stupid comments and questions.

Go and tell your UN agency there are also people in the world that die of famine, and it shouldn't happen because there's enough food for everyone to go round...does it make starving people eat??

Your arguments are just fucking stupid, like the rest of your ridiculous ex-soviet supine mentality.

Go figure.
You have obviously never driven in your life in a modern up to date country like Germany, in a modern up to date car.
~esti=NO [03.11.2010, 19:23]
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What the hell is going on here in the comment section of this article? Reply to the comment answer
~knut albers [03.11.2010, 20:39]
What's the problem knut? That we're not making misogynist comments about the local ladies or want to discuss something other than prostitutes or dubious interpretations of the constitution?
~@ [03.11.2010, 21:07]
I think Knut is querying why the comment "counter" shows more comments than there actually are. Maybe some got removed but they didn't update the count?

I am surprised nobody has commented how young the guy in the picture looks. Is he actually a qualified lawyer? I know Estonia has a tendency to have quite young managers and politicians but this is pushing it a bit.
~AR [03.11.2010, 21:25]
Yepp, I meant the counter.
~knut albers [04.11.2010, 08:41]
"I am surprised nobody has commented how young the guy in the picture looks. Is he actually a qualified lawyer?"

Might be the case. He is probably in the thirties. I do not know about his credibility, but my lawyer is in a similar age and I can not complain about her services.

By way, all my "dubious interpretations", if any, are legally defensible.
~knut albers [04.11.2010, 09:05]
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"The new Traffic Act introduces a separate punishment for exceeding a speed limit over 60 km per hour, which is a fine of up to 18 000 EEK, a detention or a withdrawal of the right to drive up to 24 months."

I just LOVE this one!
In other words if you get caught doing 150km/h on that funky piece of Autobahn "or whatever you call it" towards Tallinn, you can get clapped in prison.

In Germany you would be holding up the traffic, and in France you wouldn't even get stopped, never mind in Russia, Italy or Ukraine where it's not sure at you would pay anything at all!

I wonder how they plan to withdraw the right to drive from a Finnish driver or put him in prison?
Arbitrary stupidity at its worst.
Estonia should be kicked out of the EU.

They don't belong there. Reply to the comment answer
~esti=NO [05.11.2010, 09:56]
"In Germany you would be holding up the traffic, and in France you wouldn't even get stopped, never mind in Russia, Italy or Ukraine where it's not sure at you would pay anything at all!" I guess, thats why german drivers get caught in Italy and have to pay much more than in Germany - they are too slow....Do you really have an idea what you are writing about? Why not mention also Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands? All dictatorships like Estonia...!??
~Bored [05.11.2010, 10:41]
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"cyclists are not permitted to drive without helmets"..

So I can see a police car giving chase to me through a crowded shopping centre cos I don't have wear a helmet on a fucking push bike!!!!

I refuse to wear one anyhow.
Police can go and F..ck themselves! Reply to the comment answer
~esti=NO [05.11.2010, 10:01]
Then pay the fines dumbsh-t!!!
~Militsia [05.11.2010, 10:51]
Go stuff the fines up your arse wisecrack.
I won't pay fuck all either.
~esti=NO [05.11.2010, 22:39]
Hey BBN, get the village idiot off here and keep him off. He is a bitter and twisted child who spoils this forum for others.
~Yaffle [08.11.2010, 15:17]
I do not agree with a lot of the posters on here, but at the same time, I will fight for their right to poste as they see fit.

Yaffle, please take your request for more control somewhere else.

I disagree with Eesti=No most of the time, but I disagree even more with a central point of control.
~Ei Ei Ei [08.11.2010, 15:53]
There is a wide difference between a law and its enforcement.

Go driving around, for instance, Newport in South Wales like a maniac then wait for your fines and penalty points to arrive by post. That area operates a vigorous zero tolerance policy for speeding with mobile camera units on the roads every single day.

If you knew Britain as inside out as you seem to know everywhere else on this planet then you would be aware how drivers brake en masse whenever a speed camera is reportedly in sight.

Of course why let the facts get in the way of your usual nonsense.
~Complete BS [09.11.2010, 13:00]
You don't have a clue do you??

Ever tried driving a foreign car in England or Wales for that matter??
I mean for an exercise in cluelessness from an Estonian zine it really beggars belief!

Fact, is laws in the EU don't mean really fuck-all.
That's not so suprising considering the backwards folks from ex soviet countries got mixed up with cynical wankers like Gordon Brown who tried to legislate the UK backwards into some sort of socialist-eastern European Utopia...

Just remember ONE thing about the UK, which cannot and never will apply to the ex-soviet countries.

We had Magna Carta, and led the way into a free society.
The UK has a great deal of difficulty to become a TRUE authoritarian society because of the ineffiency of the bureaucracy.

In the east you have been practiced thru decades and decades of subservient group think and communism to believe in all the wrong things.

The 2 countries couldn't be more different.
The UK doesn't even have a constitution and it's not illegal to carry NO FORM OF ID on you.

I get tired of Estonians pointing fingers....here we have the propaganda group think again...

"ah but look how it is in the UK!"

TBH I don't give a fuck how it is the UK.
I can cope with the cynicism and two faced stupidity of a system built for wankers who try to charge parking charges for motorway services.

I can't cope with wankers in police cars who steam across the road in a warm police car to shout at you in some obscure local language, that you're not allowed to cross the road at that time in that place!!!!!

I dn't care if they lock me up for not wearing a helmet on a bike.
They can fuck off!

I'm not wearing one EVER, next thing they'll be enforcing breathing at the right time...

and that's official, don't care what bloody law they pass to enforce it!!
~esti=no [09.11.2010, 23:08]
Next you will be telling us that helmets don't actually help prevent head injuries in bicycle accidents.
~@meester ekspert [10.11.2010, 12:04]
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"What's the problem knut? That we're not making misogynist comments about the local ladies or want to discuss something other than prostitutes or dubious interpretations of the constitution?"

If you refer to my interpretation of the constitution on the language inspectories at ERR, then be advised that the constitution is the rock upon our nation rests. We must follow it, not only when it is convenient, but when fear and danger baking in a different direction. The Estonian constitution § 12 is unmistakable: "Everyone is equal before the law. No one shall be discriminated against on the basis of nationality, race, colour, sex, language, origin, religion, political or other opinion, property or social status, or on other grounds." We don't condone language discrimination or based on any other grounds! Period! Reply to the comment answer
~knut albers [05.11.2010, 21:34]
This to be said, the constitution prohibits any discrimination in all forms, wether they call it "language integration" or "language act". The reason the constitution prohibits discrimination, is because of the frames of horrific experiences with governments, dictators and kings, who thought they could do anything they wanted.
~knut albers [05.11.2010, 21:40]
~here we go again [06.11.2010, 15:10]
Are you an enemy of the constitution?
~knut albers [08.11.2010, 10:33]
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you are a hard case esti=no. you should try and survive in britain it is much harder than this. Reply to the comment answer
~arno westland [08.11.2010, 19:14]
What are you on about.
I know Britain inside out!
(In fact I'm there this week, with a car...)

You don't get pulled up for speeding in the UK every time you do 80mph.
That's only behaviour you get in backward places like the Baltic states.
~esti=no [09.11.2010, 10:45]
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esti=NO is a classic eastern-european man which still stands in the 1960-ies in whatever term his little brains can find.
In my country it's quit normal for everyone to use helmets when bycycling, also men. We do not feel our "manhood" threaten by this. We see that helmets are important for our health. But on the other hand, men in my highly developed western country, don't look and behave like short necked apes like all russians and some estonian men does in Estonia... Reply to the comment answer
~King [15.11.2010, 01:10]
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I will not wear a helmet when cycling and I will continue to spit at, blow smoke at or hit cyclists who ride on the pavement. My biggest wish for this summer is that the police will remove the f*cking cyclist from city center and old town pavements. Reply to the comment answer
~Pedro [20.04.2011, 17:27]
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It's much eeasir to understand when you put it that way! Reply to the comment answer
~Marrisa [21.09.2012, 10:06]
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Good grief, the quality of commentary in this section is atrocious. How sad. Reply to the comment answer
~W [31.10.2012, 17:37]
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