30/03/2015 19:10
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European Court rules on televising football matches

this was quite big news over here and has now been handed to the high court i think the big pub companys should come together and cancel sky sports to see if sky reduce there rates and therefore force clubs to reduce the ridiculus salarys it pays. because prices sky charge vary from pub to pub its based on rateable value and sq ft of the building and also how many people will be able to see the tv when games are on. so in plain terms whatever they want to charge they can. Reply to the comment answer
~no one important [14.10.2011, 01:11]
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Very valid, pithy, scucnict, and on point. WD. Reply to the comment answer
~Allie [23.10.2011, 17:42]
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As the European Court of Justice has found that restricting free movement of telecommunication services in the manner described above was contrary to the freedom to provide services and the principles of free competition, the fees charged for live broadcasts of Premiership matches, as well as for other similar TV broadcasts can change as well. Furthermore, it is possible that sports events
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