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BBN to leave for a holiday in July

Oh dear what are Knut Albers and Ameerikanlane going to do with their time (probably sit there playing with themselves). Reply to the comment answer
~Happy holiday [02.07.2012, 14:23]
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This is something new. Awesome! Reply to the comment answer
~era [02.07.2012, 23:27]
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He a good holiday! Reply to the comment answer
~Holidaymaker [03.07.2012, 14:12]
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unbeleivable country.. the countries stops.. still nobody understood that during crisis people must work more Reply to the comment answer
~marcel [03.07.2012, 23:50]
Please show us how the country has 'stopped'. I, for example, will be at my company office within the next twenty minutes as will be all my employees, minus one who is on holiday. We have a rotating holiday scheme.
~@marcel [04.07.2012, 08:38]
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This portal is dead since Marge left anyway. Couple of updates during the week, nothing more. Reply to the comment answer
~qwe [04.07.2012, 19:06]
couldn't agree more.
~rrr [05.07.2012, 21:48]
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I dont understand this complaining, please use a little common sense here. There are not that many foreigners in Estonia, so just the fact that there is a business news web portal in English is amazing in itself. You dont have to be Einstein to understand there are no profits, just damage control. I guess Aripaev wants to get some goodwill, thats the only logical reason I can see that BBN even exists. So closing down in July is for cutting losses. Same with not having a full time employee like Marge = cutting losses. Nothing wrong with "Pikk 36 Residents Exclusive apartments in Tallinn Old Town", but it is not Coca Cola. I have seen their banner now for several months, how much do they pay? 500 EUR per month? And other advertisers even less. Obviously very small income for BBN. Reply to the comment answer
~Dag [08.07.2012, 12:45]
I agree with Dag on this. Also, asking about the whereabouts of some frequent commenters and what they gonna due during vacation period is a bit out of place here.

Unlike some subscribers from some governing agencies, the rest of us (including me) is not paid for their contributions here and therefore our sole leisure time activity that takes place when there is time left allowing that.

However, there is always room for improvements and some of the criticism is valid.

Cost efficiency does not mean that the readers should suffer from that.

Less articles that are more essential and come with quality are an eye candy to make readers come to visit this page more often in compare to quantity with low quality that make readers tendencially go away and never come back again, so the choice seems between few, but loyal readers, or no readers with some trolls left that make just fun about it and are just a waste of time and resources to everyone.
~knut albers [09.07.2012, 10:28]
You are correct Knut, basically the same logic goes for yours and Ameriklaane´s contributions. You are not paid but it is an extra plus for lazy people like me, who (nowadays) only read BBN, to also have the opportunity to read what you guys have to say. If I dont want to read what you have written I dont have to. And I would never complain or ridicule the simple fact that you are commenting many articles.
~Dag [10.07.2012, 21:07]
I do not really care if BBN is profitable or not, nor do I care about their sources of income. I am a consumer, and I want to be attracted. And I just compare the way this portal was before and is now. It was attractive before. Not any more.
PS. Knut, you are one of the reasons this portal is less attractive.
Dag, it would be nice if you could be more active here, your opinion is important for many readers, I think,
~qwe [19.07.2012, 12:44]
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Well said Dag. Reply to the comment answer
~I agree [08.07.2012, 14:12]
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One-man band? Reply to the comment answer
~haagen estonian [09.07.2012, 15:03]
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Despite the negativity above, can I wish you a happy holiday. I live thousands of miles away in Africa and I appreciate the service you provide, giving me a snapshot of the economic sectors and business news of the Baltic's. Happy Holidays! Reply to the comment answer
~JB [14.07.2012, 13:23]
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~cary [16.07.2012, 18:09]
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I always knew that Knut Albers, and now Dag too it seems, was a faerie queene who'd throw his toys out of his cot at the hint of the nasty man being howwible to him. That you feel the need to point out that you do this 'for free' only adds to suspicions that you have, in a very real sense, no life at all. Probably a pedophile on the run, lol. Reply to the comment answer
~Happy Holiday [25.07.2012, 11:51]
Embryonic, you have some issues and you shouldn't project your character on others all the time.

Become functionally adult first and once you've passed your High School Diploma examinations also, we may come back to the nasty stuff, ok?
~knut albers [26.07.2012, 10:42]
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~fdgfhg [26.07.2012, 12:18]
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