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Are there spots on the gloss of Estonia?

The article gives a well balanced view of Estonian politics, but this in not untypical political behavior in many countries where politicians are not held to account.

Tallinna Vesi has for years been a political football given the perception that it is a cash cow for Savisaar ( Even though the city only has a minority interest)and an easy shooting ground to win popular votes.

The only way this can be balanced is when the politicians are made to face the cost of breaking clearly written agreements in International courts. And I am sure they will end up in court if they continue to act so irresponsibly Reply to the comment answer
~correspondnet [07.10.2010, 21:22]
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BBN nicely skirts the issues raised by Oates in his blog which starts thus:

"There has been a certain amount of anguished debate in Estonia over the past few weeks over the way that Lithuania has been successfully attracting inward investment and Estonia has not. To a degree the comments from the Estonian establishment are well taken: Lithuania has been better at marketing and at providing incentives that the Estonian government -as a matter of principle- would not.

"However, this is not the whole story, and the Estonian government needs to understand the consequences of several critical decisions that have been taken over the course of the past few years. In short, the country is in grave danger of losing its hard won reputation for open and fair dealing with international investors."

Interestingly enough Oates entitles his piece "Facing corruption in Estonia" and goes on to question why Victor Kaasik has never been taken to task despite fairly overwhelming evidence that he has been, at the very least, in contravention of the regulations governing the conduct of an attorney at law.

But back to Tallinna Vesi, "Estonian politicians might recognise that in their bid to court short term popularity by reducing water tariffs they are damaging not only the long term viability of Tallinn Water but they are also destroying their own reputation and that of their country itself. Contracts, once agreed, must not be unilaterally altered to suit changing political whims.

"As the rather futile debate over the relative merits of Lithuania versus Estonia as investment destinations continues, Estonian officials should not dismiss the idea that they actually have a genuine problem- and neither should Estonian voters." Reply to the comment answer
~Professor Yaffle [07.10.2010, 21:55]
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"the country is in grave danger of losing its hard won reputation for open and fair dealing with international investors."

What reputation? It was all smoke and mirrors anyhow.
Estonian government is cronyism at its worst and corrupt as Fook!

(oh and if you don't like it, you can leave...) Reply to the comment answer
~esti=NO [08.10.2010, 22:29]
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Tallinna Vesi has been charging docile Estonians for the highest price for public water in the world, with the blessing of Savisaar! And was even proud of it... So Mr. Oates, who know the Baltic States so well, why don't you pick another spoiled foreign company (there are many of them, it should not be a problem) than one that has been exploiting to the end the docility of Estonians and the corrupt ways of the city government. It would surely greatly help in better illustrating your accounts. Why is BBN publishing this crap again anyway? Are not BBN people also tired of paying water in Tallinn almost 4 times the price of water in Paris or Madrid? Is this some sort of S&M? Reply to the comment answer
~Irony [25.03.2011, 19:05]
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The honesty of your posting sheins through Reply to the comment answer
~Aro [20.03.2012, 23:10]
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