ZRP, Vienotiba, VL-TB/LNNK to come to power in Latvia

12.10.2011, 12:55

The Latvian government coalition talks have finally come to what is hopefully a conclusion. The three (at least nominally) pro-Western parties, Zatlera Reformu partija, Vienotiba and VL-TB/LNNK have agreed to form a government coalition and have started dividing the seats in the government, reports www.news2biz.com

The coalition, dubbed "the rule of law coalition", leaves out the other parties - Zalo un zemnieku savieniba (ZZS) and Saskanas centrs (SC). If ZZS was never considered as a possible coalition partner, then SC was a very probable partner up to this announcement.

SC, being a pro-Russian party, has accused the government of ethnic discrimination. Vienotiba, however, insists that the reason why SC was not included is its previous voting record, which has strongly supported the Latvian oligarchs.

As to the possible posts, the current Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis is a strong candidate for the head of the next government, too. Vienotiba has also stressed it would like to keep its member Andris Vilks, former chief economist for SEB, as the minister of finance, and ZRP has supported the idea.

The PM will be named by the President of Latvia Andris Berzins, but the president usually picks the candidate the coalition parties have already agreed upon.

The current government steps down on 17 October, when the first meeting of the newly elected Saeima takes place. Berzins is expected to name his candidate then.

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