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US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has investments in Estonia

It is every time astonishing for me, from where You get these kind of "informations".
Youtube, eh?
Everything, what I get from the Westmedias about Estonia is following:
Estonia, postsovietical baltic state, whos primeminister is a former communist politican, who begs potential western investers to invest into Estonia, because this country has no money and will soon or later collabate. Estonia is famous for its high aids-rate and drugsmuggeling and a good trafficpoint for Russians and others, who buy flats in Estonia to get a free entry into the EU.
This was the essence from WDR, NDR, ARD, Deutsche Welle, Deutschlandfunk, Yle and BBC.
Somehow different, eh? Reply to the comment answer
~scheileke [20.04.2012, 17:00]
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like a very short, often insecure male, Estonia is a tiny country with inferiority complex that fantasizes to be part of Scandinavian region and instead is a reject from a failed Communist state. Western Europeans already know thay were foolish to take in Eastern Europe into EU because they must be supported since there is little or no imagination, virtually no honesty nor self motivation in Eastern Europe. Why did the Eastern European countries not form their own social/economic region? Because they were and still are to weak and must be supported by Sovets, EU or IMF. The big winner is the Russian Fed. for dumping Eastern Europe and letting the West deal with them, ie, support them. If there was gold, oil or other vast natural resources, Eastern Eruope would STILL be in the Russian Fed! Western Europe thought they would bring in Eastern Europe into the EU to have a stronger region, but instead, Eastern Eruope and Med. loser countries like Greece have weakened the EU and the Euro beyond any hope of success. Well done Soviet Union! Reply to the comment answer
~sch@ [20.04.2012, 19:06]
Talking about inferiority complexes Hiiumaa Man, yours is coming out. I remember your own words about your fears about getting your arse kicked by the local villagers in the dump you so unwisely moved your geezer self into. YOU are the one with the inferiority complex, buddy, plus that Giza pyramid-sized chip on your shoulder.
~@Hiiumaa Man [20.04.2012, 21:08]
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A little bit hard, but principal right. The Soviet-Union is dead (I hope so), but for me personally is not understandable, that people like Putin, Ansip and Savisaar are still on the power.
The obvious inferior complex brings this Eastern-European people to intolerance and ignorance. Hm... I can explain Estonia like a transvestit, who claims, that he is a woman, and nobody believes him. This is a little bit softer than Your harsh explanation. Reply to the comment answer
~scheileke [20.04.2012, 19:24]
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This reminds me, by the way, the interview, what I had to give to a swedish reporter last week. Therefor that I am heavily interested in the developement of Eastern-Europe I think, I can give also a quite objective statement. Estonia for example had 20 years time to make democratical, not only economical reforms. By the way South Africa also. But I have to say, that S.A. is much more successful. I think, one reason is Nelson Mandela. Estonia or also Hungary havent this kind of symbolfigures, no trustable freedomfighters. If You see for example Lech Walensa or Vaslav Havel, You will get an absolute different, more symathical picture. Here were some potencial people for politics (forest-brothers), one went into prison after the indipendence, the other into a madhouse.
This is indeed a heavy difference, where people like I have to shreek. Reply to the comment answer
~scheileke [20.04.2012, 19:52]
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Romney was not a founder or a partner in Bain Capital. Romney worked for the Bain Company Group and was asked by its founder, Bain, to run Bain Capital. Bain provided the "seed" money for Bain Capital and after a lengthy negotiation Rommey went to work for the spin-off company.

Romney has been very good at convincing people that he founded Bain Capital but in reality he did not invest any of his own money. Romney was promised that if Bain Capital was not successful he could return to the Bain Company with a huge increase in salary.

His spin has been that he knows what it is like to be a "small business" owner. He neglects to inform people that he had no vested interest in Bain Capital and he had nothing to lose if Bain Capital failed. Reply to the comment answer
~Kev [21.04.2012, 00:51]
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it seems you all have it mixed up. Eastern Europe is in this economical state because of being part of the Soviet Union. Soviet Union supported us you say? Soviet Union crippled our economy Reply to the comment answer
~emane [24.04.2012, 00:13]
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