30/03/2015 10:05
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Survey: state loses a hundred million to grey economy

It is a win-win situation. you make more money if no tax is taken from your income, and businesses have no additional liabilities to the employee and save money in the mean time.

I pay taxes as a person is supposed to do, but if you're one of the many people around here trying to literally survive of course you would take the job that offers 20% more, since they don't cut it out of your pay. If you get hurt, it doesn't matter- the hospital will take care of you anyway.

One thing that is very interesting in Estonia, is they tack 20% value-added tax on just about everything. I get my car fixed-hourly rate + parts + 20% VAT. So, what do I do-- I pay somebody straight up cash to fix my car nowadays. I save money, he makes more. Thats a real free-market system :D

That's why people do it... Reply to the comment answer
~Another Ameeriklane [15.06.2012, 16:29]
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It's funny that a year or so ago, several punters on this site claimed there was no grey economy at all. ROFL!!! Reply to the comment answer
~Money, money, money [15.06.2012, 18:31]
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