27/03/2015 05:34
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Estonian Air, Air France start code-share cooperation on Paris-Tallinn route

I think this is a much better strategy for EA compared to trying to make Tallinn a hub airport by routing passengers from obscure Finnish towns like Kajaani, Jyvaskyla, and Joensuu through Tallinn on their way to Europe.

Air France has a huge network so EA can feed traffic to/from Tallinn via that major hub. Reply to the comment answer
~ameeriklane [20.06.2012, 16:41]
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Oh yes....lets get the 2 together..loss making OV and Air Frantic...otherwise known as the most dangerous and ovepriced airline in the EU!

Let's make a real shit deal, that makes huge amounts of money to fly to places that nobody wants to fly to!

Have you noticed Air Frantic has a MASSIVE litigation issue hanging over it, and the worst safety record outside of Russia?

Air France will be bankrupt when AF447 "hits the fan", coming to a cinema near you soon.
Lesser airlines have gone to the wall for lesser disasters than concorde and landing a new airbus in the sea! Reply to the comment answer
~Air France is bust [20.06.2012, 21:40]
But France has LGVs and good wine and cheese, right esti=NO?
~@esti=NO aka whatever [21.06.2012, 00:34]
Oh yea ignorant Estonian dickhead pops up again?
Go get a life outside Tartu or Parnu pal.
Travel a bit, you know you might learn something!

Funny how everyone else including the shareholders thinks AF is a lame duck too.


This was only last october!

FFS! now another lame company wants to code share with another bloody subsidised lame company OV! They weren't yet happy with SAS, now it's AF!!
~lame ducks [21.06.2012, 22:35]
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From TODAY...

Air France to cut 5,000 jobs by the end of 2013.

Like joining the Euro, Estonia is always overjoyed doing exactly the WRONG thing at the wrong moment,then claiming how clever they are! Reply to the comment answer
~just to make the message clear [21.06.2012, 23:36]
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Agree with Ameriklaane. Anything that takes Tallinn out of an enclave is good news for everyone. And NO, EA is not an investor in AF/KLM, it's just about "code sharing"...so why being so furious and acid about this news?? Reply to the comment answer
~Irony [22.06.2012, 11:31]
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