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Icelandic businessmen help IKEA expand to Estonia

All Estonia needs is help from businessmen from a bankrupt island.

ICELAND WTF!!! Next will be Zimbabwe. Reply to the comment answer
~heart attack! [09.01.2012, 20:46]
What a bloody idiot. Do you know ANYTHING about the world or do you just puke your sh-t at random?
~@ignoramus [09.01.2012, 20:57]
You read it?

"Iceland and businessmen=I do not get it together"

They together fucked a little island up, forcing them to default, now it's wannabe business men again in Baltic states.

You're welcome to the bastards.
~Puke yourself! [11.01.2012, 15:16]
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1,4 mio consumers with very low buying potential. This launch is surely not confirmed in Älmhult. It´s just about commission and kick back for some Vulkan Viking. Iceland and businessmen=I do not get it together ? Reply to the comment answer
~Ingvar [10.01.2012, 08:24]
Are you serious here. Those junk IKEA sells better be cheaper than usually if they are going to get the poverty stricken estonians to buy them. I guess this means new jobs for the sweatshops of Cambodia and Thailand, eh.
~big yawn [15.01.2012, 21:23]
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I thought the time would come for one IKEA in the whole Baltic region, most logically at Riga, but three at one time, wow. That said, there are now four branches covering the whole greater London region and that has roughly the same population as the baltics (tho' presumably more spending power and as many people again within travel distance of the stores). Reply to the comment answer
~whyteay [10.01.2012, 14:46]
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Guys, no need to be so damn critical. If Cyprus has its own IKEA, I don't see a reason why IKEA should not be successful in all three, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Anyway, the launch in Vilnius in 2013 is confirmed. I don't think the Icelandic vikings gonna rush to build another IKEAs without seeing how it goes in Lithuania first.

So no worries for you bros until 2015 at least... Reply to the comment answer
~LIETUVA [10.01.2012, 23:26]
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At last we in Estonia will buy some furniture which can be trusted. No more having to depend on rubbish quality from Russia and elsewhere. Reply to the comment answer
~Indiana Jones 2 [10.01.2012, 23:40]
And here we have the classic Estonian again ... "We in Estonia" :-)
~Andrej2 [13.01.2012, 10:55]
That I call epic failure!

Ironically, "Russia and elsewhere" is where the raw materials for IKEA furnitures are coming from and finally assembled in China "and elsewhere."

IKEA should avoid tell that to it's future customers in the Baltics, as they would face a boycott to be considered as selling "Unestonian" products.

Better paste over "Made in China" labels with "Imported by Estonians."
~knut albers [13.01.2012, 13:28]
I hope you understand that IKEA too makes its junk in third world countries or what, you really thought Kamprad uses german and austrian workers not to mention belgians to asemble those products. Is that what president Ilves told you.
~poor peasant eesti [15.01.2012, 21:25]
22% percent of IKEA products are Made in China, which is a synonym for "cheap junk." The reason why I stil buy there is because brand products produce in China nowadays also and I am not willing to pay more for the same catalogue junk parts assembled just because it is branded.

For example, until the mid of the ninties i'd like to buy Levi's 501 jeans because they were made of good quality in the U.S. for a reasonable price of (converted) 40 EUR. Nowadays, this comes from China, the quality is cheap and the material goes junk after first wash already and costs 50-60 EUR, in Estonia often 70 EUR upwards.

Thanks, but no thanks. Then I better buy a jeans with equivalent quality at a dollar store.

I also was a fanboy of Swatch Watches, but since the use parts of the ETA cataloque as well and assemble particularly in China, I am no longer willing to pay hundreds of bucks for that.

See, I agree, the more we buy from China, the more we Export Estonia and others, but the 'cheaters' are among Western Coorperations that try to maximize profits in making decision to outsource production there and no longer care about the quality of their products.

I even bought last year some Villeroy & Boch products through RIMI's coupon campaigns, and wasn't surprized about the quick mold formation after few weeks of use, since the package stated "Made in China."

Same goes for the "Thomas Rosenthal" knives I bought there in another campaign that get rusty after first wash in the dishwasher. The knives in question are engraved with a simple "China" in small font size in a similar metallic paint.

In this sense, IKEA is at least honest: They do not hide to produce in China and they do not claim to provide high quality at outrageous prices.

Even the replica spammer are more honest:

They sell you junk at junk prices, meanwhile the well-known brands produce also in China, partly with the same material and the same machines. They just take ten times for that and hoard the profit, such as Apple currently hoards 374 billion U.S. dollars.

Should one want to produce qualitaet Estonia, which is hergwestellt in Estonia, then I'm willing to pay more for it.

Should one want to produce qualitaet Estonia, which is hergwestellt in Estonia, then I'm willing to pay more for it.

Should Estonia start to produce quality in Estonia, then I'm willing to pay more for it - not before

So, when Tere does no longer branding for RIMI and Co, does not really make me want to buy their milk with their original brand.

Only if they would decide to not stretch their milk anymore, I am willing to buy their products beyond the average market price.
~knut albers [29.02.2012, 13:58]
Sorry for the copy/ paste error. When BBN will actually resolve the Error problems when posting comments here?

Or is this also maintained by a Chinese IT-Sepcialist now?
~knut albers [29.02.2012, 14:01]
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"Imported by Estonians" :))), that's a good one:). But otherwise - not that great idea, on a small market like this it would kill all the local businesses, all over the country. Reply to the comment answer
~Veiko [13.01.2012, 14:47]
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And we all of course know how skillful icelanders are with business. Another thing. This is just talk and even if it isn't who in their right mind would be proud of getting an IKEA shop to their country. Only in the backward Baltics. LOL Reply to the comment answer
~spell baltic scr [15.01.2012, 21:21]
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I think it is bullshit that any store will be opened in EST. The market is too small and FIN IKEA too close. Riga might be poss. in the long runn, maybe 10 years. Reply to the comment answer
~kirre [24.01.2012, 20:04]
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I really think that they are doing the right thing. Anybody who says that estonian market is too small is obviously right but the difference is that estonian customer will spend his money in Ikea. We have the the baltic biggest supermarkets and they are always full.. Of course rich russians like to come here as well... Good luck in Baltics. Reply to the comment answer
~Ikea [31.01.2012, 03:41]
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~FAFDAS [17.02.2012, 05:08]
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At last some rationality in our liltte debate. Reply to the comment answer
~duygu [20.03.2012, 23:19]
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IKEA has five stores in Finland. Turku and Tampere regions with their 250K+ inhabitans have their IKEAs, likewise even smaller Kuopio.

I don't see why Tallinn could not have an IKEA, since we aren't talking about a gigantic store here. Reply to the comment answer
~Polpa di Pomodoro [26.06.2012, 12:38]
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