31/03/2015 06:13
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Ministry’s IT department sent 15 people to visit CeBIT

As a person who has been to many CEBIT's over the past 15 years, the Estonian group that went was an embarassment. They did not represent Estonia well, but I must say, Estonia had a large presence at all of the parties.

It was embarassing for business and we just stayed away from the Estonian stand as much as possible due to the fact that being associated with this group of unprofessional amateurs was bad for business.

The Lithuanians were leagues better than the Estonians both on knowledge, presentation, and professionalism. The Estonians just partied and drank beer. Reply to the comment answer
~boondoggle [04.06.2012, 12:14]
Yeah, right. And the Pope is Muslim.
~Nice Try [04.06.2012, 13:45]
Did they actually have a booth? Here's a list of all exhibitors from Estonia, directly on CEBIT's site, and I only see one company in Narva listed:

~ameeriklane [04.06.2012, 16:01]
No, but unfortunately we were reprented at every party and it was both sloppy and unprofessional. A few of the people there used the free alcohol to its full advantage.

Aplogized a few times to the hosts of a few events. It was sad to watch.
~@ Ameri [06.06.2012, 10:17]
We are speaking here about representatives from the Ministry’s IT department, not about exhibitors as such.

This year, Cebit had a subject area around eGovernment:


So I assume that this is in connection with that (or is there anything else our government IT-Department has to sell, but "DigiDoc").
~knut albers [06.06.2012, 12:14]
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CeBIT is not important anymore. The Top Players do not attend there.

Cebit was ok until 4-5 years ago. Reply to the comment answer
~James Caan [04.06.2012, 12:49]
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Can you backup this with some photos or even videos perhaps? In which hall they was at what stand?

I mean, I would like to see our tax euros at work, if you know what I mean... Reply to the comment answer
~knut albers [04.06.2012, 13:20]
Tere Knut, No will not poste pictures. That is just a lawsuit waiting to happen.
~@ Knut [06.06.2012, 10:14]
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Keep on wtriing and chugging away! Reply to the comment answer
~Silvio [16.07.2012, 18:15]
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