Ryanair’s market share in Latvia shrinking

23.04.2012, 15:18

Market share of Ryanair in Latvia continues to fall, reports Latvian business newspaper Dienas Bizness, referring to aviation analysis portal anna.aero.

Compared to the 2011 summer season, Ryanair will operate 21 less flights per week this summer season. In comparison, Ryanair will operate six less flights from Tallinn Airport this summer season, whilst the airline remains the largest carrier in Lithuania with a 43% market share.

Only Morocco (37 less flights per week), Ireland (31 less flights) and Great Britain (25 less flights) have seen more flights reductions this summer season than Latvia.

In turn, Spain (167 more flights per week), Hungary (141 more flights) and Italy (113 more flights) are the countries were Ryanair has increased the number of weekly flights the most.

Ryanair announced this past November that it intends to reduce the number of flights to and from Riga by 30% after Riga International Airport introduced new security fees.