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Ryanair announces first Tallinn routes 

Me loooove it!!! Beautiful blonde girls, here I cum!!! Reply to the comment answer
~Horny Italian [30.09.2010, 14:10]
They all left to Milan ages ago.
~Cupid [22.11.2010, 15:28]
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Ha! Take THAT, Estonian Air!!! Reply to the comment answer
~AR [30.09.2010, 15:37]
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From Portugal we will use for sure going through some other cities!
Thanks Ryanair! Reply to the comment answer
~Paulo Braga [30.09.2010, 16:18]
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R.I.P Estonian air? Reply to the comment answer
~loco [30.09.2010, 17:31]
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Estonian Air don't care about Economy passengers as its and SAS customers are a bit different market segment. This is more AirBaltic (via RIX) issue... Reply to the comment answer
~to loco [30.09.2010, 18:27]
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You would just be really surprised how many business passengers have happily adopted easyJet on the Tallinn-London route in preference to Estonian Air or 2-segment carriers such as SAS or Finnair.

Ryanair is something of an acquired taste but if they offer regular flights where passengers want to fly at prices they are prepared to pay then they will gain conquest sales. They have been doing it all over the rest of Europe so why would Estonia be any different?

Do not forget that this is not Mickey Mouse Air - this is the largest airline in the world in terms of international passengers so the other carriers had better appreciate that.

Ryanair aircraft are not the most comfortable in the world with fixed non-reclining seats but they are a good deal more up to date and larger than anything else operated out of Tallinn on regular flights. They use 737-800 aircraft in a single class configuration which is typically 184 seats. Reply to the comment answer
~Professor Yaffle [30.09.2010, 18:54]
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easyJet used to fly Berlin-Tallinn and I bought many roundtrip flights for 28 to 40 euros, including all taxes and fees. The flights were often only 60 percent full. Same for Estonian Air, even with 75-euro one-way fares. So let's hope there's enough demand to keep the routes alive. Then again Ryanair doesn't have the best reputation. A friend of mine was flying London to Berlin and arrived several hours late because Ryanair had to drop off and wait for a mechanic in Poznan, Poland. The crew announced the route change in the middle of the flight and said Poznan was only 60 miles away from Berlin, which is total BS.
Yank in Berlin Reply to the comment answer
~Andy [30.09.2010, 20:56]
Ryan is the worst piece of crap flying out there.
I would rather take any other carrier than ever fly with them....in fact BA often come out cheaper when you see their rip-off baggage and other dodgy stuff.

Hope they f.. off as fast as they come..
~esti=NO [01.10.2010, 01:15]
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This is the best aviation news for years and years and years.
Hope they will add Brussels Charleroi before
next summer. Reply to the comment answer
~Charles E Hirsch [01.10.2010, 06:04]
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@ to loco... I would be very interested to see the difference between an Estonian Air passenger and Ryanair one.

I really wonder how many people do NOT book flights just based on the fare. I DO, as long as the time schedule is acceptable.

@eesti=no: you are the one who rather take the bus from the airport for not paying the 50 eek taxi fee, but at the same time you dislike Ryanair which can make you save 100-200 eur on a flight??? You make me laugh Reply to the comment answer
~ubik [01.10.2010, 10:15]
Ryanair saves you F.ck all.
I have tested and compared them all.

The only ones I found good were Queasy and German W.

Ryanair is a piratic and unpleasant company with whom I would HAPPILY pay more, not to travel with.
Are you really that strapped for 50 Euros?
It's the price of the bus to central London you idiot!
As for the taxis, for me it's a matter of principle!
I guess for you, you prefer to take a taxi from the airport in the UK as well, as I guess people like you never heard of oyster cards either...

Stupid comments backed up by people waiting to be ripped off.
Ryan rips off in style that's sure!!
~esti=NO [01.10.2010, 11:36]
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I often disagree with many of esti=NO comments but on this occasion I have to agree with him. Ryanair is total crap and can also be a false economy. Ok if you just want to go away with the clothes you have on and have booked 4 months in advance it may be worth a gamble. However, if you like most people need take 1 suitcase then you are better off flying with another airline like BA or EA. At least the price shown on their websites is the price you pay! Its amazing how a Ryanair flight offered for 1 Euro can turn into 150 Euro after a click of a mouse button! If anything goes wrong dont expect Ryanair to help either. They know and care less about customer service than a grumpy Estonian barmaid!!

Many people think this will kill off Estonian Air but dont forget its not a normal business. Its not there to make money its there propped up by the Estonain government for national pride so worst case the government will just have to prop it up a bit more if Ryanair start to take market share. Reply to the comment answer
~Dragon [01.10.2010, 13:05]
i started flying ryanair 1 year ago ,and i must say i spare a lot of money ,and planes are new ,safe .congratulations for new traffic
to tallinn and i think in 10 years you will be the only left company in north europe..
~boulanger [30.12.2010, 03:19]
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Ryanair is a big sheet. Soon they will try to charge for the breathing on their flights.
Greedy suckers from IRL :) Reply to the comment answer
~V [01.10.2010, 13:53]
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I have also disliked Ryanair behaviour on some occasions but if you don't see how Ryanair is changing the tourists flows you must be blind. And if you think that all people are idiots then you are probably part of a minority of smart people.

esti=no, you frustrated man (boy? girl?) give me your address and I can send you my oyster card with probably still few pounds on it. I haven't used it for the last two years as I have a car and driver in London now.

Ah, I give you a hint regarding Tallinn taxis: check the fare before you step in it, if the final price doesn't correspond to the published fare ask the bill and call next day the taxi company. I have done it twice and I got back the full amount. Matter of principle ;) Reply to the comment answer
~ubik [01.10.2010, 15:39]
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