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President: Estonia needs backup plan for Euro defections

What does it all bring, if populists in Westeurope start to attack the "invasion" of Easteurope.
Even if it sounds from my side also populistical: I highly recommend Easteurope to step out of the EU and maybe to create an own Union, to prevent inner european civil war. Reply to the comment answer
~scheileke [24.04.2012, 16:43]
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I tend to agree. I have often thought that a Union of the Scandinavian Countries would be a strong and viable economic block, i.e. Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and possibly Denmark. Reply to the comment answer
~Ken [24.04.2012, 16:55]
What makes you doubt about Denmark? Shouldn't it be Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and possibly Estonia. For all its recent achievements, the biggest asset for Estonia is still relatively cheap but skilled labour, while the other ones are more hightech, innovative and highly productive economies.
~Mark [25.04.2012, 10:57]
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Ken, You are quite good. But please think about the difficulties, wich follow: The real Finns in Finnland and a populistical part of the Danish gouvernment will be not very happy with this idea. I thought more about an Eastern-European Union without indeed Victor Orban and Ansip, an against-weight to this profileless Barusso and the French-German power. Warsaw could be the center of this new Union. And Eastern Europe could develope absolutely free without the pressure of the West. Reply to the comment answer
~scheileke [24.04.2012, 18:35]
The Finns would not be too against such a Scandinavian union because they need Estonian workers.
~Matt [24.04.2012, 19:52]
Dubai needs hundreds of thousands of workers from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, but I don't see it rushing to form a "Union" with those countries.
~? [24.04.2012, 23:48]
You are comparing the incomparable. Dubai has very little in common with those other nationalities besides religion.
~@? [25.04.2012, 07:48]
"Dubai has very little in common with those other nationalities besides religion. "

Boy, some of the commentators here have no qualms about displaying their ignorance, do they? How does Dubai, a Muslim state, "share a religion" with Hindu majority India (with muslims only comprising 15% of the total - a smaller percentage than the number of ethnic Russians in Estonia). Right away this complete lack of knowledge of the world around you indicates to me that your contributions are not to be taken seriously.
~wow [25.04.2012, 21:34]
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I am not so sure. The right-populism in Westeurope isc spreading, and they dont talk only about islamists. The "new" enemy is meanwhile also the East, respectively Eastern Europe, and the "party" The Real Finns are not an exeption. Soon or later they will find a reason, like "Visit Estonia, your cars are allready there". I mean, I laughed out loud, if I heard this,it is funny, but in the endeffect, it is dangerous. Reply to the comment answer
~scheileke [24.04.2012, 20:49]
30,000 Estonians work in Finland. Who are they going to replace them with? Afghanis?
~Matt [24.04.2012, 23:00]
Pakistanis, Phillipinos, Koreans. Whatever you like.
~scheileke [24.04.2012, 23:18]
Yeah, Estonians may be the Finns' preferred immigrants and Estonians may have some advantages over any other immigrants with the linguistic similarities, but Estonians would be making a SERIOUS mistake if they get it into their heads that they are somehow irreplaceable. We're not talking doctors and scientists here: it's not THAT difficult to source builders and cleaners from elsewhere in the world.
~@Matt [24.04.2012, 23:46]
You are kidding yourself if you think Finland will replace 30,000 Estonian workers with any non Europeans as you suggested. That shows you are out of touch with the situation and the people's attitude there. Regarding the type of workers, they are not all cleaners and builders. Medical staff and a lot of semi-skilled workers end up their too.
~Matt [25.04.2012, 07:53]
"You are kidding yourself if you think Finland will replace 30,000 Estonian workers with any non Europeans as you suggested."

NEWSFLASH!!! They are probably eventually going to have to anyway, because, in case you haven't noticed, the numbers of Estonians are dwindling every day - they are not an inexhaustible source of labour. So if forming a "union" was so driven by the need to have labour - which I've never ever heard of as the primary reason for an economic bloc anyway - why would you do it with a country that is in even worse demographic straits than you?
~@ Matt [25.04.2012, 21:40]
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""Both of us – Estonia and Finland – are more optimistic than our laconic, NORDIC NATURE would assume... " the Estonian President told the Finnish Prime Minister, Jyrki Katainen.

I love this. Good old Ilves, never misses a chance to slip the old "We are Nordic" card in - maybe he is hoping if he says it often enough, people will start to believe it! :-D

It's a shame the "other" Nordics don't feel the same way:-

http://satwcomic.com/party-crasher Reply to the comment answer
~nordachance [24.04.2012, 21:18]
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