Advisor’s company paid for politician’s election party

27.10.2009, 08:57

Advisor’s company paid for Kristiina Ojuland, MEP and member of Reform Party election campaign spending. This is hidden financing since laws restrict donations from legal bodies, Äripäev reports.

Robert Antropov and Kristiina Ojuland held two election parties after parliamentary elections in 2007 in Rakvere night club Lokaal. The events, called “Eesti parim sõbrapäeva pidu!” on February 13 and “Pingviinide ball” on February 24, cost EEK 72,600 and politicians’ split the bill. While advertising company Droom paid for Antropov’s half, then Ojuland’s bill was sent to OÜ Jatrimpan, which belongs to her advisor Andrus Viks.

Ojuland reminded yesterday that the event was nice.

“I believe that your claims are untrue, I didn’t organize the event,” she said.

Jatrimpan’s main field of activity is mediating real estate. In 2007 its turnover amounted to nearly EEK 690,000 and last year it fell to EEK 154,000.

All parties must file a report on election spending to a special committee not later than a month after elections. Politicians, who are making their own campaign, must file a separate report. Kristiina Ojuland hasn’t filed a separate report, which means that the party paid all the costs. There is no bill for that party in Reform Party’s report.

Äripäev has correspondence in which the event organizer Andres Nael notifies Viks of the bill.

“I sent an explanation of the bill and the spending. Other bill in the same amount went to Droom. If you remember anything that needs correcting, then please let me know. Anyway, both parties were great and the stars were excellent. Reform will certainly win in Lääne-Virumaa,” Nael wrote.

Viks explained that he wanted to organize events to his clients so he could talk in unformal atmosphere. He wasn’t interrupted by the fact that two politicians had their parties in the same time – it was the opposite since it guaranteed better party for him and his clients, Viks said.