Statistics Estonia: 17.5% of people in relative poverty

16.12.2011, 16:20

According to Statistics Estonia in 2010, 17.5% of the Estonian population lived in relative poverty. The percentage of people living in relative poverty increased 1.7% compared to the previous year. In 2009 the at-risk-of-poverty rate was 15.8%.

In 2010 the income of population decreased and the yearly average unemployment increased. Social transfers (governmental benefits, pensions) helped to prevent the fall in poverty, as they were not included in income, the at-risk-of-poverty rate was even 41.1% in 2010 (in 2009 – 40.8%).

In 2010, a person was considered to be at-risk-of-poverty if his/her monthly equalised disposable income was below 280 euros (in 2009 – 286 euros). Compared to 2009, people’s incomes decreased. This caused the fall of at-risk-of-poverty threshold by six euros. In 2010 the difference in income between the poorest and richest fifth of the population was 5.3-fold.