Raie: Bring Talent Home program is a success

16.02.2011, 14:40

Siim Raie, managing director of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, writes that the Bring Talent Home program that was launched last autumn and which aims to give Estonian exporters access to Estonians who study abroad or work there as qualified and skilled professionals.

Speaking of specific results, Raie says that by now www.talendidkoju.ee has built up a database of 450 Estonians who live and study abroad, who have international work experience and who have agreed to cooperate with Estonian companies either after they return to Estonia or during their residence abroad.

Among others, the database lists as possible contacts two Estonians living in Singapore, six Estonians living in Indonesia and as many as 74 who live in UK.

“The website has become a viable job market where companies can for free advertise job vacancies, traineeship or summer jobs. Offering these ambitious young Estonians who are studying abroad a summer job or traineeship is a good way to forge contacts for the future,” writes Raie.

Raie says that the rapid growth in exports in recent months has further increased the need for employees who have experience from working and living abroad.

He emphasizes also that, in order to become proper employers for these highly skilled and motivated people, Estonian companies themselves must become international.