Editorial: is there an alternative to nuclear power?

15.03.2011, 14:00

Äripäev writes in its editorial that is it telling that as soon as nuclear power plants in Japan developed current problems, Greens and others opponents of nuclear power started to claim that the days of nuclear power were over.

Äripäev does not agree with gloomy forecasts and with those who say that it’s time to start looking for alternatives to nuclear power.

True, Swiss already announced that they were freezing nuclear power projects and German chancellor Angela Merkel ordered a review of 17 nuclear power plants.

Still, Äripäev finds that as long as energy consumption increases, there is no alternative to nuclear power, except reducing consumption, but it's not realistic.

Moreover, Russia, China, India and Pakistan have already announced that they will continue their nuclear power projects. Also Finland and Sweden that both have several new nuclear reactors under construction have avoided hysteria.