Putin and Ansip, two minds with one thought

03.05.2011, 10:03

Jaanus Piirsalu, Moscow correspondent of Eesti Päevaleht, writes that in these turbulent times there are two countries that stand out with their stability: Estonia and Russia.

The stability factor was greatly emphasised in recent weeks by Estonian prime minister Andrus Ansip and Russia’s PM Vladimir Putin in their respective speeches, writes Piirsalu.

While Ansip’s main message when speaking to MPs on April 4 was that Estonia as a state was becoming more stable and secure while the global world was becoming a more turbulent and complicated place, Putin, in his turn, emphasised that while rating agencies have downgraded even US debt, Russia has emerged unscathed from the repercussions of the global economic crisis.

„Isn’t it great that Putin and Ansip have found a common objective although since 2007 it has been hard to imagine them being in the same room,“ writes Piirsalu.

Moreover, echoing Ansip’s promise to make Estonia one of Europe’s five richest nations in 15 years, Putin has now said that his plan is to make Russia one of the world’s five largest economies by 2020 and reach per capita GDP at USD 35,000 from the current USD 8,700.

Estonia’s per capita GDP at present is USD 14,300.