Augulis says Bertolt Flick should take responsibility

14.06.2011, 16:29

Bertolt Flick, president and private shareholder of airBaltic, should take full responsibility for the current situation at airBaltic, said transport minister Uldis Augulis today, writes The Baltic Course.

The minister pointed out that, at the moment, there is no reason to speculate about the current financial situation at airBaltic. The audit is in progress, and the government will receive its results after July 4. The airline will require additional funding to purchase new planes, and the state, as the main shareholder, will have to decide whether to take part in this process or not.

Augulis also added that economy minister Artis Kampars has not provided any information on the financial situation of the airline to the transport ministry so far. "I hope that Kampars, if he really has such information, will turn to the authorities," explained the minister.

Augulis went on to say that even despite Kampars' announcement that airBaltic is close to bankruptcy, his party - Union of Greens and Farmers - will not demand the economy ministers' resignation, because the situation must be solved, and the airline's financial situation will be known after the audit. Tomorrow, during the meeting of airBaltic board, the financial management of the airline will report on its financial state, said Augulis.