MP suspected in e-mail scandal claims innocence

29.02.2012, 15:29

National security police officials yesterday conducted a search at the home of lauri Laasi, another Centre Party MP, who has been declared a suspect in connection with the e-mails of Hannes Rumm, head of the European Commission in Estonia.

Previously, the prosecutor had declared only Ivor Onksion, member of Centre Party, a suspect in the e-mail theft.

Priit Toobal and Laasi are now suspected of inciting Onksion to illegally acquire the electronic correspondence belonging to European Commission representative Hannes Rumm.

The episode involving Rumm's e-mail is being investigated as part of the same criminal case in which Ester Tuiksoo has been served for suspicion of influence peddling.

The purported e-mail snoop Ivor Onksion has been interrogated on suspicion of private surveillance activity and violation of secrecy of messages.

The Centre Party has called the suspicions a politically motivated attack on the party and their newspaper, Kesknädal, which reportedly was offered Rumm's e-mails for possible publication.

According to a statement by the Centre Party, KAPO has been focusing on Laasi because he is chairman of MTÜ Vaba Ajakirjandus that publishes Kesknädal and Onksion had said previously that he had brought the e-mail printouts to the office of Kesknädal.