National road administration, a personal paradise for taxpayer’s money

23.03.2012, 14:55

National road administration seems to have a habit of spending taxpayer money for the benefit of its prominent officials, writes Eesti Päevaleht daily.

Namely, the road administration has in its possession an idyllic waterfront holiday complex in Vainupea at the border of Lahemaa national park that offers breathtaking views on the sea.

The road administration officials cannot quite explain why they need such a retreat as the cost of maintaining the centre is about 4,000 a year.

The centre is operated by Eugen Õis, long-time head of a regional centre of the road administration who has acquired a number of other waterfront properties in the area and has three summer cottages. His wife Urve Õis is working in the road administration as head of the budgeting department.

Other nearby properties are owned by Tiit Transtok whose father Valentin Transtok also worked in Lääne-Viru road administration.
In this way, most of the properties around the Vainupea retreat are owned by people who were or still are connected to the road administration network.