Fears of dramatic loss of population unfounded

27.03.2012, 14:58

Five days before the end of the population census and all signs are showing that there will not be major surprises in terms of decline of population, writes Postimees.

According to experts, census figure is likely to be close to the estimated population as of January 1, or 1.318 million.

“I would not forecast, but I believe that the census outcome would be similar to the current statistics,” sas Diana Beltadze, project manager of the population census project.

By yesterday, enumerators had counted 1,307,787 people.

The number if expected to increase because by Sunday, about 1,800 people had informed Statistics Estonia that they had not yet been enumerated for one reason or another.

According to statisticians, there could also be between 30,000 and 45,000 people who have been counted twice and would have to be deleted from the total.

Beltadze said that she was sure in one thing: that the Estonian population is over 1.3 million.

“It means that fears that the population figure had fallen dramatically were exaggerated.”

The final population figure will be known in May when Statistics Estonia has completed the processing of data.