Erkki Raasuke to advise minister of economic affairs

08.03.2012, 09:31

Minister of economy Juhan Parts has hired Erkki Raasuke, former finance director of the Swedbank Group, as his adviser.

According to the minister, Raasuke’s main objective will be to take the management of state–owned enterprises that are supervised by the ministry of economic affairs to a new level.

„The duties that we have set are very specific: to increase the company value of state-owned enter-prises,“ said the minister.

Parts emphasised that the function did not include preparing state enterprises for possible listing since at present there were no imminent listing plans.

Parts explained that he had offered the job to Raasuke since the minds of people like that must be put to the use of Estonia.

„Raasuke is Raasuke. He does not need an introduction,“ said Parts.

„As a minister of economic affairs, I am naturally interested in the thoughts and future of such people and how the Estonian economy can benefit from them;“ added Parts.

„Considering the fact that the enterprises in the state portfolio are fairly large.

it is important that we keep improving their supervision,“ he said.

Commenting his new function, Raasuke said that it was a challenging proposal and that he saw as his duty to increase the value of state enterprises and develop the management capacity.

Raasuke will start in his new job on April 9.