Rail Baltic is taking shape

13.04.2012, 13:00

The government yesterday approved a proposal made by the Estonian minister of regional affairs Siim Kiisler to start the county planning for identifying the precise route for Rail Baltic railway line, writes Äripäev.

At present, Rail Baltic will have three stops in Estonia: in the Balti Central Railway Station, Tallinn Airport and in Pärnu.

In its proposal, Kiisler said that the development of Rail Baltic railway line required creating a special railway zone that is separated from the rest of the area.

“The route will go in the shortest way through the Harju, Rapla and Pärnu counties. It is high-speed rail line and the first time that  we need to create a separated rail zone for the railway line that cuts through other areas,” said he minister.

According to Kiisler, at present there is a principle agreement that the Rail Baltic line will travel directly from Tallinn to Pärnu and on to Riga, taking the shortest route.

“The actual line between Tallinn and Riga is still in the planning process and will require extensive work,” said Kiisler.

The minister said that the planners need to ensure that the rail line does not restrict movement of wild animals.

“In addition, there are issues with people’s living environment and private land ownership,” added the minister.