Estonian Air has sold 30 percent of tickets to Tbilisi flights

16.04.2012, 10:29

The state-owned airline Estonian Air, which on Monday launched flights to the Georgian capital Tbilisi, has sold out 30% of tickets to the new route for the current season.

Sven Kukemelk, business analyst with Estonian Air, said that 30% of the seats have been sold and tickets of the cheaper price class may already be difficult to obtain.

In case the route proves a success, flights could be operated twice a day in the future, Kukemelk said. "Tallinn could serve as the fastest connection to various European destinations for Georgian business travellers and as a lucrative travel destination for passengers coming from Europe," Kukemelk told news agencies.

The president of Estonian Air, Tero Taskila, said that while the exact degree of success was still difficult to predict, the indicators were good. Taskila said the launch of the Tbilisi route was part of the airline's new strategy to develop a functioning network of flights across Europe. "We added Tbilisi to our flight plan because businesspeople there wanted it," Taskila said.

Estonian Air flies between Tallinn and Tbilisi four days a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.