Wine gift from Georgian parliament gets Estonian MPs excited

25.04.2012, 13:56

To celebrate 20 years of Estonian-Georgian diplomatic relations, the Georgian parliament sent, as a gift, a total of 202 bottles of Georgian wine to Estonian MPs which makes two bottles per MP, writes Postimees.

Estonian MPs said that they were pleasantly surprised of the gift and that they were deeply grateful for the Georgian nation, but the gift also caused some heated debates in the Estonian parliament as to what should be done to avoid a possible media scandal over such a present.

Some MPs said that the Estonian parliament was put between the rock and a hard place because such a present must be declared in order to legalize it.

There were some suggestions that the Estonian parliament should reject the wine and sent it back, but it was feared to damage the Estonian-Georgian diplomatic relations.

Minister of culture Rein Lang supported the idea of creating parliament’s own wine cellar, but added that it was probably the worst time to come up with such an idea.

Lang said at that like such, as soon as anyone mentions a wine cellar in the parliament, all hell would break loose.

The wine delivered by in packages of two were brought into the parliament by staff of Georgian Embassy in Tallinn headed by Ruslan Abashidze, Georgian Ambassador to Estonia.