Ministry: residential development could be risk to military intelligence

14.05.2012, 10:16

The defence ministry is not amused over the plan of State Real Estate Company (RKAS) to develop residential buildings at Magasini street in Tallinn, on the location of the current prison, because of national security reasons, writes Postimees.

The area to be developed by RKAS is namely next to the Estonia military intelligence service and the ministry fears that residential buildings would pose a security risk, making the military intelligence unit vulnerable to visible monitoring, electronic surveillance or even sabotage.

“The defence ministry’s position is that the detailed plan solution for the planned Magasini 35 development must be changed,” the ministry’s deputy undersecretary Ingvar Pärnamäe said in his letter to the Tallinn municipal planning department.

Specifically, the ministry demands that the new residential buildings must not enable a direct view to the agency’s territory because “it’s important to minimize the possibilities of surveillance near the defence ministry’s territory,” said the letter.

The ministry has proposed to leave one side of the planned residential buildings without windows or cover them with non-transparent glass.

Another possibility is to build a high wall between the two properties.