Lao, Norberg mediating merger of Rail Garant, Muuga Container Terminal

18.05.2012, 11:00

The long-lasting dispute between two container terminal operators in Muuga – Muuga CT that belongs to Anatoli Kanajev and Rail Garant that has only started to build its own terminal – may reach a solution, after all, writes Äripäev.

As last resort, Anatoli Kanajev asked two controversial Estonian businessmen Meelis Lao and Kalle Norberg to mediate a merger.
In an interview to Eesti Päevaleht, Kanajet said that he is not willing to sell to Rail Garant at this point.
“But it’s true that I want to buy the Rail Garant project in Muuga,” added Kanajev who has disputed the decision of Port of Tallinn to award the contract to build a new container terminal to Rail Garant in court.
“We have been going to the court for 18 months now and it seems that it will be a very long and expensive process that will not provide moral satisfaction. I am looking for synergy. Since Rail Garant has invested nothing yet in Muuga, I and my mediators are looking for a possibility to buy them out,” said the oil businessman.
Kanajev has, among others, asked the national security agency KAPO to investigate who are the real owners behind Rail Garant project and suspects that they may include executives of Port of Tallinn.
“I also know that Rail Garant has big problems in financing the 60 million euro project. I even know in which banks they have been asking for financing. Questions arise about securities and guarantees of a company that has only its share capital and must visit banks to borrow money,” he said.
Kanajev admits that one of his mediators is Kalle Norberg who has been in contact with Meelis Lao.
“But there are also other people involved in the case. We are talking about five people, but neither of them has received a written power of attorney from me or any other promises.”
Kanajev explains that if Rail Garant were interested to sell, he would be ready to loko at the offer.
“But I don’t rule out that if someone wants to buy me out I would look at the proposal. A good businessman looks at all commercial proposals.