Head of Estonian Internet Foundation to resign

24.05.2012, 14:59

Marek-Andres Kauts, chairman of the board of the Estonian Internet Foundation that manages the country's domain names, has announced his resignation effective from end of July under criticism from the Internet Community lobby group.

Kauts who will remain adviser to the Foundation until end of July will be replaced by Jaanus Tehver who until now was in the supervisory board of the Foundation.

Less than a month ago Eesti Ekspress weekly published an article claiming that Kauts was guilty of mismanagement and overspending and has caused major exodus among the organization’s staff.

Kauts responded to the criticism by saying that the Foundation was a good manager and one of the most effective institutions of its kind in Europe..

The Internet community clamed that the Foundation is charging exorbitant prices for domain names and had over a million euros of available funds on its accounts, which it has used to buy equipment and resources it does not really need.

The article also reported that there were cracks in the relationship between the Foundation's founding members, and that several staff members had left due to disputes with Kauts.

Although designed to increase transparency, activists say the Foundation has not served that purpose, and that internet user lobby is not represented on the Foundation's supervisory board.

"The Foundation is in gross breach of the pledge made to domain owners that it will perform cost-based management," said the Community in a statement.