Jüri Mõis: Meikar is telling the truth

24.05.2012, 11:07

Estonian businessman Jüri Mõis who is former member of IRL and has also been mayor of Tallinn, told Eesti Päevaleht that when he was in politics, all political parties were using a similar system of whitewashing donations.

Namely, people who did not wish to donate to a certain political party in public gave the money to a party member who then legalized it, without leaving a paper trail behind.

„This was normal practice. Everybody knew that parties were visiting rich corporations with bags in hand. Meikar simply has now made it public,” said Mõis.

Mõis added that such dodgy donations are actually equal to money laundering.

„If a person accepts money from Arnold Rüütel to pay it into the party’s wallet and does not declare it, he or she has actually been laundering money,” he said.

„This is not a political problem, but a community issue. The tax authority should have made sure it had it under control,” he added.

Mõis says that he stopped financing political parties years ago.

„I have also recommended others to stop it because it changes nothing. Claims that businessmen can ensure favourable decisions for their donations are unrealistic.”

Mõis said that political parties need a lot of money to fund their election campaigns and are ready to receive donations from anyone, simply to pay their debt.

„Let’s say that there is a manager of a bus company and says that I will give you 100,000 euros and you will make sure I win the tender for Viljandi area. The party accepts the donation, uses it to pay its advertising bills and then forgets about it. When the donator comes ans asks them why the Viljandi contract was given to another bidder, the party would tell him that it was a honest tender and that he was giving the money to the party to support its political ideology,” adds Mõis.