Taagepera: justice minister Michal should resign

29.05.2012, 12:02

Professor Rein Taagepera believes that the justice minister Kristen Michal should resign because he is implicated by the claims of Reform Party member Silver Meikar that he helped to mastermind a scheme where party members registered political donations under their on name.

Speaking of Meikar’s claims, Taagepera says that we should not exaggerate in this case.

“The amounts that Meikar helped to white wash were relatively small so I don’t even understand why it was necessary to handle them in this way,” said Taagepera, adding that the issue was not the past, but the future.

“We need to make sure that it will not be tolerated in the future. We need to purify the political system,” said the professor.

According to Taagepera, Michal’s statement that he cannot resign because it would look like admission of guilty is nonsense.

“This is not about that. The issue is that the whole system must be honest, without undue pressure. In some way the justice minister is the boss of a public prosecutor, but how can you ask your boss for advice if he is criminally implicated? I think the justice minister should resign, but if it happens,it must be made clear that this is not admission of guilt,” said Taagepera.

The professor adds that time change and so does the concept of political funding.

“If you read the memories of Mari Raamot about the politics of 1920s, then at those times government members were involved in cases that were considered normal then, but today are criminally punishable.”

Taagepera says that when he was in US and her wife was in the state committee of selecting school textbooks, she could not even accept free coffee from publishers.