Developer: Lotte World in Estonia may become bigger than Moomin

03.05.2012, 13:08

Rein Malsub, chairman of the supervisory council of Leiutajateküla foundation, says that the Lotte World theme park that is being designed in Tahkurand near Pärnu will be of the same size as the famous Moomin World or Muumimaailma in Finland or even bigger.

„If you take the size of land under the themepark, Lotte World will be even bigger,” said Malsub.

„Our plan is not to create a museum, but a theme park where visitors can actively participate in. Characters of the Lotte books will be interacting with visitors and invite them to do things together. Most attractions will be something in which visitors can participate in. In this respect the Lotte World will be something like a theatre, adventure and game put together,” said Malsub, adding that the fact that Lotte lives in Leiutajateküla (Inventors’ Village) demands that all these different machines in the book are also available for visitors.

Malsub added that Lotte World offers different levels for different public. „Everyone will find their different magnet drawing them to the Lotte World. It may be meeting Lotte and her friends or climbing the Ladybug’s adventure tracks. For others it may be wathing performances or being involved in do-it-yourself activities. Then there are people who are interested in inventing and machines. We will have activities for everyone, small and big.”

Malsub added that since Latvians were actively involved in producing the Lotte movies, they are families to Lotte and the theme park would definitely attract to them as well.

The organizers have said that they expect 60,000 visitors a year to the Lotte World including 12,000 foreign tourists.

„When we were planning our project, we analysed similar theme parks such as Moomin World in Finland and Astrid Lindgren world in Sweden. The key is to create a tourism product that is exciting and well-functioning.

We have also involved people in our project who have experience in developing similar theme parks in Finland and Sweden,” added Malsub.

According to the current plan, the Lotte World would mainly operate during the summer season and have limited activities during the winter.

Malsub says that the foundation is preparing a new public procurement tender and will announce it in May.

Enterprise Estonia has allocated 3.2 million euros for developing the Lotte World theme park.