Äripäev suspects Reform Party’s publisher of forgery

31.05.2012, 11:43

Fidenter Ltd that published election propaganda for Reform Party between 2009 and 2011 may have forged documentation, writes Äripäev today.

The company formally belongs to Reform Party member Remo Tiigirand who claims that he is the sole owner of the firm.

Tiigirand claims that the bank account in Swiss private bank Julius Baer where shares of Fidenter are held belongs to him.
According to Äripäev, Tiigirand may be lying because he should have at least a million euros in assets to open a bank account in Julius Baer.

Moreover, the customer account code that Fidenter has reported in the Estonian commercial code is not similar to the account codes used by Julius Baer.

Also, the name of the holding account raises doubts because “Estland main account” is not something that Julius Baer would use, according to one anonymous banker.

All this leads to believe that there is no such customer account in the Swiss bank and the person or persons who are behind Fidenter has or have submitted forged documentation.

The bank said it cannot confirm whether the company has a customer account, but said that, as a private bank, it requires a minimum of one million euros in assets.

How likely is that Remo Tiigirand who is a 33-year-old Reform Party member and previously worked as business manager of Elion’s digital TV unit, had a million euros to open a bank account in Julius Baer?

Äripäev says this is not likely. Fidenter has about 60,000 euros in retained earnings and Tiigirand himself owns a 70-square metre apartment in Tallinn that and has a 40,000-euro mortgage for Nordea Pank.