Seaplane Harbor in Tallinn to open doors on Saturday

07.05.2012, 14:34

Estonian Seaplane Harbor and a new museum will be opened on May 12 and it will be open day and night on its first weekend.

The doors of the seaplane hangars will be flung open at 10 a.m. in the morning on Saturday and will remain open until 7 p.m. on Sunday, for 33 hours without a break.

Urmas Dresen, director of the Estonian Maritime Museum, said that the museum wanted to receive as many maritime history friends as possible and had long waited for completion of the Seaplanes Harbor.

"Above all we hope that night-time opening gives the people a certain opportunity of choice and perhaps helps contract the queues that usually go along with openings," Dresen said. "Besides, how often can we get to a museum before dawn? There is a great deal of mysticism in the night and even more of it in the Seaplane Harbor Hangars," he added.

The Seaplanes Harbor that took two years to build will become one of the most exciting maritime museums the three-level exposition of which tells stories from both under and above the surface of the sea.

The main accent in the Seaport Harbor exposition has nearly two hundred large exhibits starting with the legendary submarine Lembit.

The museum is located in unique seaplane harbor hangars that were built in 1916-1917; the powerful reinforced concrete domes of the hangars were the world's biggest at the time.

The museum is part of the Estonian Maritime Museum.