Businessman sues tax authority for labelling him as fraudster

09.05.2012, 11:30

Estonian businessman Oliver Kruuda who owns, among others, Estonia’s largest dairy Tere, has sued the tax authority for labelling him as a tax fraud, writes Äripäev.

Kruuda says that he is demanding a simple apology and is not claiming financial damages.

According to the claim filed by the businessman, the tax authority damaged his reputation by naming him a tax fraud before proving that he was guilty.

Kruuda said that the claims were made in the application that the tax authority submitted to the administrative court in October 2010 in which the tax authority attempte to seize Kruuda’s personal assets.

Kruuda’s legal advisers said in the Tallinn Administrative Court yesterday that such statements of the tax authority damaged his reputation and that affected the attitude of Kruuda’s foreign business partners towards the businessman.

Kruuda says that although he is not claiming financial compensation from the tax authority, he considers it important and a principle issue.

Kruuda says that in November 2011 he offered the tax authority to retract their earlier statements about him, but the officials refused.

Kruuda wants also to know how Eesti Ekspress got information about the activities of the tax authority with regard to his business.

Eesti Ekspress wrote in November 2010 that the tax authority was suspecting Kruuda that he was guilty of large-scale tax fraud through cheese maker Vailmetek Invest that allegedly had spent tens of millions of kroons in acquisition of production equipment, but these were not business-related.