Problems in one of Estonia’s largest real estate agencies

22.06.2012, 11:10

Ober-Haus, a real estate agency founded by US businessman Paul Oberschneider that was sold to Finnish real estate giant Realia Group before the last economic crisis is struggling with internal problems, writes Äripäev.

Several sources say that management decisions made by current CEO Tarmo Kase have forced about twenty employees to leave the company in a short period.

Other problems include high personnel turnover, lack of motivation, mistakes in appraising real estate, low-quality brokerage service and communication problems.

Source say that problems in Ober-Haus started shortly after Tarmo Kase took over as CEO of Ober-Haus at the end of 2010.

In April 2011 Kase took over the duties from Peter Gage Morris and became responsible for the company’s operations in Baltic states and Poland.

The company’s owners asked Kase to restructure the company and make it profitable.

He carried out some radical reforms, but they seem now to have backfired as most key staff has already left or has decided to leave.

Commenting the speculations, Kase says that every manager puts together his own team.

“People are different and different managers have different management styles,” he says.

Several former employees who wanted to remain anonymous claim that they were forced into resignation.

The exodus has been largest among brokers which caused a situation where new brokers who were hired to replace those who have left had no experienced colleagues to support them.