Ex-MP goes into bottled water business

26.06.2012, 14:00

Villu Reiljan, former chairman of People's Union party and minister of environmental affairs, has gone into bottled water business.

His business partner is Kaarel Auser, former chairman and shareholder of Plaines Ltd, that was bottling water in Haage and went bankrupt last year.

Reiljan and Auser are founders of Haage Joogid. Another shareholder of the company is Vello Kunman whose company Veemeistri Ltd this spring acquierd the property and equipment of Plaines.

Both Veemeister and Haage Joogid are registered at the same address as other Kunman's businesses.

"Villu Reiljan is simply one of our shareholders who is interested to take part in the company's success," said Aigar Pindmaa who is also one of the shareholders of Haage Joogid.

Pindmaa said that Haage Joogid will be offering good-quality mineral water for consumers.

"Since there was a very good water bottling plant near Tartu without an owner, we decided to go into this business," said Pindmaa.