Police: many Old Town pickpockets still in prison

26.06.2012, 10:00

According to the police, fewer people in the Tallinn Old Town are having their pockets picked for a very simple reason: most of the professional pickpockets who used to target foreigners walking innocently in the Old Town are still in prison.

Andres Sang from the North Police Prefecture said that there have been very few reports from victims of pickpockets recently.

Sang said that the infamous and very well organized group of pickpockets that mainly worked on Mere boulevard and Old Town is still locked up.

However, some of the group’s members have already been released and most will get free this autumn.

Sang said that there are cases where people note that their belongings are missing.

Many such cases involve alcohol. After having a few drinks in a pub or bar, people tend to get careless and sometimes leave their bag unattended or invite a person they only met in the bar to his or her home, only to find in the morning that something valuable is missing.