Parts puts Erkki Raasuke in charge of Estonian Air

29.06.2012, 12:00

According to information available to Postimees, minister of economic affairs Juhan Parts expects Erkki Raasuke, the new chairman of the supervisory board of Estonian Air, to quickly find out if the new business strategy of Estonian Air CEO Tero Taskila is working.

Raasuke has reportedly a few months to come up with an analysis of the strategy’s success.

The strategy in question has been approved by the supervisory board, its former chairman Joakim Helenius  and the minister.

Raasuke did not wish to comment his new job saying that he first needs to meet with the airline’s management board and discuss certain issues.

Raasuke did not also wish to say if Estonian Air was likely to ask the state for more money to survive.

Helenius who continues as member of the supervisory board said that the airline’s economic results are unsatisfactory, but did not specify what the results where.