Ministry’s IT department sent 15 people to visit CeBIT

04.06.2012, 10:08

The ministry of the interior is finding it hard to explain why it was necessary to send fifteen employees of SMIT, the ministry’s IT and development centre, to CeBIT held in Hannover in Germany in March.

Although the ministry labelled that the week-long visit that cost a total of 20,000 euros as group training, it is unable to explain why it was necessary to send such a large group to the event for taxpayer money.

Because the trip was organized as business trip, the participants received daily allowance and normal salary.

Controversially, the ministry organized the visit at the time when it was closing down rescue stations in Estonia citing lack of funding.

Kaia Prillop, press spokesperson of SMIT, claimed that the trip was group training, but could not name which training events were carried out.

She said that CeBIT is the year’s biggest IT and telecommunications event in Europe that was attended by about 500 manufacturers and it is critically important to be present at such a big event.

According to the ministry, the trip reached its set objectives and gave participants lots of information about current trends and valuable insight into the sector’s development.