Estonian president slams Krugman over twitter

07.06.2012, 10:41

The President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves who is presently on a state visit in Latvia has slammed New York Times columnist Paul Krugman as “smug, overbearing & patronizing.”

Ilves was apparently put off by the blog article that Krugman published this week and that argued in a short blog that Estonia, “the poster child for austerity defenders,” had only achieved an incomplete recovery.

The Twitter account used by Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves snapped that Krugman was indulging in “smug & snide gloating” at Estonians' expense. One tweet dropped a profane word to sarcastically say Eastern Europeans could be insulted because "their English is bad, won't respond & actually do what they've agreed to & reelect govts that are responsible.”

"But yes, what do we know? We're just dumb & silly East Europeans. Unenlightened. Someday we too will understand. Nostra culpa,“ another tweet said.

The @IlvesToomas Twitter account was not officially verified, but Ilves had linked to it on his Facebook page in March and appears to have used it frequently in the past.

As the infuriated tweets rapidly picked up attention online, the president of Estonia argued he was “not conserv. or leftist. Just can’t fathom why following agreed upon EU fiscal rules justifies smug & snide gloating re: my country.”

The Twitter account then linked to a lengthy March essay by Ilves to explain “why we might be a bit peeved.”

In the essay, called “I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday,” Ilves argues, “The bankrolling of Southern Europe has already and ever-increasingly threatened the fiscally responsible countries, the ones who have shown solidarity and voted to commit to bailing out those better off than we.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, Krugman hadn’t responded to the tweets of the Estonian President.