New car sales up 30 percent on year in July

10.08.2012, 15:59

Last month dealers belonging to the association of Estonian car sale and service companies AMTEL sold 1 526 new passenger cars on the domestic market, 30% more than the year before, figures provided by the association show.

In July 2011 AMTEL members sold 1 173 new passenger cars to domestic buyers. In June and May this year new car sales numbered 1 689 in both months.

During the first seven months of the year, 10 449 new passenger cars were sold in Estonia, an increase of 20.4% compared to the year-earlier figure of 8 676.

Sales in July included 17 mini cars, 185 small cars, 528 small medium cars, 316 medium cars and 35 large medium cars, as well as seven luxury cars, 138 station wagons and 300 jeeps. Five new cars were sold for export last month. The most popular brand in new car sales was Toyota with 209 units sold. Of Volkswagens 170 and of Skodas 168 units were sold. AMTEL dealers also sold 198 new utility vehicles including 157 vans during the month. All told, AMTEL dealers sold 1 780 new vehicles on the domestic market and exported five vehicles in July.