Estonians second most optimistic on EU

03.08.2012, 12:14

Crisis or no crisis, Estonians remain bullish on the European Union, according to an Eurobarometer poll.

A survey conducted in May showed that 52 percent of the population had confidence in the European Union while 35 percent tended to be down on the community's outlook, reported ERR.

That put Estonia among the EU's leaders - second only to Bulgaria.

"Surprisingly, in spite of the flood of news about crisis, trust in the EU has actually risen by a smidgen compared to the last Eurobarometer poll from November 2011 that used the same methods," said the head of the European Commission's office in Estonia, Hannes Rumm, writing in his blog.

"Estonians' trust in the European Union is all the more surprising considering that by the time the last poll was conducted, the Chancellor of Justice had called into question the constitutionality of the Treaty Establishing the European Stability Mechanism. The reason for the high confidence […] is likely the fact that Estonians see the European Union as a trustworthy and needed partner which increases national security in several senses," said Rumm.

Besides Bulgaria's (55 percent), other high scores were turned in by Denmark, Belgium and Slovakia (49 percent). The average figure for confidence in the EU-27 was 31 percent.