Former Centre Party member: Savisaar seems scared

06.08.2012, 14:47

Former prominent Centre Party member Ain Seppik writes in Eesti Päevaleht that current public statements made by Centre Party chairman Edgar Savisaar show that Estonian law enforcement agencies are getting close.

Seppik said that he is not concerned that Savisaar mentioned him several times in his famous article published in Centre Party newspaper Kesknädal a few weeks ago.

“It may be taken as some sort of warning, but I am not scared. I am a former police officer and don’t get scared because of attacks, threats blackmail,” said Seppik.

The politician added that, on the contrary, it may be an indication that Savisaar himself is afraid.

“It may also mean that he is deeply scared. I think he has reason to be afraid, but you need to ask him what it is,” said Seppik.

Seppik said that it was exceptional that Savisaar has written so many articles in press recently.

“It seems that this time our law enforcement agencies have come across something that is so dangerous for Savisaar that it may wipe out everything that he has been building over the years. This is understandably creating fear and insecurity,” said the politician.

“My recommendation to Savisaar is to take a rest and think about life. It’s not good to be stressed, it affects your health. Savisaar could live a modest life and adopt low profile. It seems that he has amassed something over the years as well,” he added.

“His problem is that he may still be nostalgic for the times when the name of Savisaar meant something in Estonian politics. But things change and we all go out at some point, either in politics or in life. The key is to sense the moment when it happens,” said Seppik, adding that it was important to give young people a chance, but not gifts.

“Speaking of young people, I don’t see Savisaar handing over his cape to any young politician. He may do it formally, of course, but not in essence,” said Seppik, speaking about Savisaar’s authoritarian management style in Centre Party that has become a rubber stamp for the chairman’s decisions.

According to Seppik, Savisaar seems to have taken it personally that Seppik split up with Centre Party.