Study: MPs active users of social media

06.08.2012, 17:00

According to a study made by the institute of journalism and communication of Tartu University, Estonian MPs are relatively active users of social media, writes Eesti Päevaleht.

The study shows that out of 101 MPs, about 20 MPs use all three social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and blog), while 19 MPs don’t use any.

In comparison with the previous parliament, the number of MPs using Facebook has gone up by 42 people.

One of the most active MPs who use social media is Valdo Randpere (Reform Party). Other active members are Andres Anvelt (Social Democrat) and Juku-Kalle Raid (IRL).

Facebook remains the most popular social media channel for MPs, while the popularity of blogs has plummeted after the elections and only about twenty MPs use Twitter.

If MPs were ranked according to the number of friends they have in Facebook, the top three would be Mart Laar (IRL) with 5,416 friends and followers, Juku-Kalle Raid (5,199) and Peeter Võsa (Centre Party) with 5,122 friends.

As for Twitter, although the number of Twitter users in the parliament has gone up by about half in four years, only about ten MPs are actively tweeting, most prominent of them being Marko Mihkelson (IRL).

The most active blogger among MPs is Eiki Nestor (Social Democrats). According to experts, blogging was at its peak before elections and now has gone down rapidly.