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[23.11.2015, 12:24] Äripäev writes that the bankruptcy of Estonian Air has made other airlines to compete for travellers, resulting in the situation where several key lines have multiple flight operators.
[23.11.2015, 12:21] Men wearing ski masks and carrying weapons spotted in downtown Tallinn on Sunday triggered a major police operation.
[20.11.2015, 09:26] According to Statistics Estonia, in October 2015, the producer price index of industrial output was 2.2 percent lower than in October 2014.
[19.11.2015, 13:28] Nordic Aviation Group that was set up by the Estonian government announced that it will open a route between Tallinn and Munich as of December 19.
[18.11.2015, 16:40] Estonian Tax and Customs Board plans to lay off 93 staff members as of Jan. 1.
[18.11.2015, 16:37] A Lufthansa flight that was travelling from Frankfurt to Tallinn with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves on board was forced to make emergency landing in Berlin today, wrote ERR.
[17.11.2015, 12:43] Aleksander Veskilt, one of the last residents of Kopli Liinid, the area of rundown early 20th century workers barracks in Kopli, has been sold by the city, is refusing to leave and has sued the city, claiming that his eviction is illegal.
[16.11.2015, 10:05] It took less than 24 hours from the Paris terrorist attack for the rescue service in Estonian northeast town Narva to receive a call from an anonymous man who promised to repeat in Narva the terror that paralyzed Paris on Friday.
[13.11.2015, 11:34] Eesti Päevaleht writes that Center Party is rushing to amend its bylaws to make sure that it must not automatically evict party members who have been found guilty of criminal charges on three court instances.
[13.11.2015, 11:33] Estonian PM Taavi Roivas says that EU should give serious consideration to using the existing crisis mechanism also in relation to Sweden, without increasing the total number of asylum seekers to be accepted.
[12.11.2015, 13:07] Äripäev writes that one should be satisfied that PM Taavi Roivas has recently set up an expert workgroup to find ways for speeding up economic growth.
[12.11.2015, 13:05] Parking in central Tallinn could soon be as expensive as in Oslo and Stockholm, one of the world’s most expensive capitals.
[11.11.2015, 15:27] Tallinn Airport announced that all Lufthansa flights between Frankfurt and Tallinn for today have been cancelled because of a strike of Lufthansa cabin crew that started last Friday.
[11.11.2015, 15:19] Äripäev writes that Estonian window and door maker Windoor that lost about 20 million euros in a contract signed with the state of Kazakhstan continues legal battle with both Kazakh authorities and the Estonian export guarantee agency Kredex
[11.11.2015, 15:16] Two companies operating in Tallinn – Nummerypplysningen OÜ and Bolagsupplysningen OÜ - have over the years frauded several million euros out of Swedish companies, writes Äripäev.
[11.11.2015, 15:15] According to the flash estimates of Statistics Estonia, GDP increased 0.5% in the 3rd quarter of 2015 compared to the same quarter of the previous year.
[11.11.2015, 15:14] Latvian airline airBaltic says the number of tickets sold in Estonia has tripled since Saturday when Estonian Air ceased operations.
[10.11.2015, 11:47] Estonia's exports decreased 10% in September year on year, said Statistics Estonia.
[10.11.2015, 10:36] Estonian Air that ceased operations on Saturday may leave its 160 or so employees without redundancy pay, writes Äripäev.
[09.11.2015, 11:16] According to Statistics Estonia, 235,300 tourists used the services of accommodation establishments in September 2015, which was 1% more than in September 2014. The number of both foreign and domestic tourists increased.
[09.11.2015, 11:07] SAS announced today it will begin flying to Tallinn from Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen from next week.
[09.11.2015, 10:12] It's clear that it will be difficult for Nordic Aviation, a new airline set up by the Estonian government to take over the business from Estonian Air to be a success.
[08.11.2015, 17:36] Erik Sakkov, commercial manager of Nordic Aviation Group, said that the goal of the new airline is not to offer the cheapest available fares for its routes.
[08.11.2015, 14:22] Nordic Aviation, a new airline set up by the Estonian government to keep air connections from Tallinn, hopes that Estonians will be flying on its routes.
[08.11.2015, 11:10] Latvian airline airBaltic will offer more flights and do its best to assist the stranded passengers, affected by suspension of operations of the Estonian carrier, announced the Latvian company.
[08.11.2015, 11:05] Nordic Aviation, the new national airline set up by the Estonian government in case Estonian Air is forced to cease operations, made its first direct flight in the morning of Nov 8 to Amsterdam.
[08.11.2015, 10:56] European Commission ordered yesterday Estonian national carrier Estonian Air to pay back the state aid it received.
[06.11.2015, 09:52] Erki Urva who was CEO of Estonian Air in 2002-2005 told Äripäev that in his opinion, there were three things that ended the business of Estonian Air: ownership, economic crisis and Tero Taskila.
[06.11.2015, 09:50] Äripäev published an interview with airBaltic CEO Martin Gauss who said that airBaltic is already preparing for the possibility that Estonian Air goes out of business.
[06.11.2015, 09:44] Eesti Paevaleht wrote this week that it has taken three years for the Commission to come up with a decision partly because the then EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas wanted that the decision not be published during his term in office.
[06.11.2015, 09:44] Äripäev writes that no-one believes any more that the decision of the European Commission on whether state aid granted to Estonian national carrier Estonian Air was legal or not will be anything but negative.
[05.11.2015, 13:53] Äripäev writes with reference to Danish portal check-in that Estonian national carrier Estonian Air may stop operations already this Saturday.
[05.11.2015, 13:48] Äripäev writes in its editorial that after the collapse of the Soviet Union 25 years of ago, Estonia and Tallinn is again in a situation where its air connections with the rest of the world are practically liquidated.
[03.11.2015, 12:17] In spite of several years of development and spending tens of millions of euros on Estwin, the project of connecting Estonia’s remote areas with high-speed wide-area internet network, Estonia may scrap the plan.
[30.10.2015, 10:48] Äripäev writes that Estonian state plans to spend around 24 million euros on celebrating its 100th anniversary known as EV 100.
[30.10.2015, 10:47] Estonia’s three largest enterprises according to revenue in 2014 were Ericsson Eesti, Tallink Group and Eesti Energia.
[30.10.2015, 10:45] Eesti Päevaleht writes that head of Estonian tax authority Marek Helm is proud that Estonia that is much smaller than Latvia is collecting as much VAT as Latvia.
[30.10.2015, 10:44] The world’s largest travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet has ranked Estonia the best value destination for 2016, while Latvia was selected as one of the top 10 destinations winning the Best In Travel 2016 status.
[30.10.2015, 10:40] The output of Estonian industrial enterprises decreased 4 percent compared to September year on year, Statistics Estonia said.
[29.10.2015, 14:30] Margus Allikmaa, head of the Estonian public broadcasting company ERR, has come under criticism for urging ERR executives not to support the legalization of cannabis.
[29.10.2015, 14:19] Estonian police have busted a ring of 12 people, including four officials of the Police Board (PPA), for unlawfully selling identification documents, residence permits and documents connected with citizenship.
[29.10.2015, 09:08] Äripäev writes that Estonian labour law is too rigid and hopelessly outdated, stuck in the manufacturing era of the 20th century, also in comparison with Estonia’s neighbours.
[29.10.2015, 09:06] Estonia is 16th in the world by ease of doing business, according to Doing Business 2016 that was published by World Bank Group yesterday.
[27.10.2015, 12:17] Latvian national carrier airBaltic has concluded a cooperation agreement with LOT Polish Airlines, known in the industry as code-share agreement.
[27.10.2015, 09:22] Eesti Päevaleht writes that the Estonian government is deeply worried that the fact that Estonian electronic identity cards issued to e-residents from abroad are faulty is already affecting Estonia’s image abroad as a leading tech country.
[26.10.2015, 13:42] Eesti Päevaleht writes that Estonians’ opinion about the performance of Prime Minister Taavi Roivas improved in October.
[26.10.2015, 10:58] Äripäev writes that former deputy mayor of Tallinn Vladimir Maslov is attracting investors to participate in the suspect pyramid scheme of a Russian businessman Anatoli Junitski that is raising funds to build a monorail passenger transit system called Sky Way.
[23.10.2015, 14:50] Eesti Päevaleht writes that the proposal to erect a monument to Konstantin Pats, controversial president of Estonia before WWII, has its supporters and opponents.
[23.10.2015, 14:48] Estonian commercial television channel TV3 that belongs to Swedish media group Modern Times Group (MTG) has warned that it may drop the Estonian operating license because of the alcohol advertising restrictions planned by the government,
[23.10.2015, 14:41] Eesti Päevaleht writes that competitors suspect that the 10-million-euro uniform tender of Police and Customs Board PPA may have been biased.
[22.10.2015, 14:27] SEB Pank, Estonian unit of the Swedish SEB financial group in Estonia grew 11 percent to around 59 million euros in the first nine months, an increase of 7 percent.
[22.10.2015, 14:26] Tallinn is to impose alcohol sale restrictions on ten bars in Suur-Karja Street area in the Old Town known as the Bermuda triangle.
[21.10.2015, 10:46] Äripäev writes that three Estonian businessmen Richard Tomingas, Kristjan Olei and Sven Viidas are developing technology to produce and sell emulsion fuels, ie is fuels mixed with water and certain additives, in United Arab Emirates.
[20.10.2015, 08:20] Jevgeni Ossinovski, Minister of Health, this week introduced a new bill that would set tougher regulations on alcohol ads and limit the sale of alcohol in gas stations and ban happy hours from bars and restaurants.
[20.10.2015, 08:13] Estonian Taxpayers Association ETA has asked the prosecutor's office to open a criminal proceeding in connection with reimbursement of MPs’ personal expenses.
[19.10.2015, 10:45] Äripäev writes that Unemployment Insurance Fund UIF may have prepared an IT procurement tender worth 4.3 million euros with the help of its existing IT partner Nortal to ensure that Nortal wins it.
[19.10.2015, 10:43] Äripäev writes in its editorial that Rain Rosimannus, one of the most influential members of the Reform Party, should declare in public his business interest instead of hiding them inside coalition agreements that he helps to draw up.
[19.10.2015, 10:41] Businessman Raivo Hein writes in Äripäev that one should not ostrachise people simply because they are entrepreneurs.
[16.10.2015, 11:28] Äripäev writes that business partners of influential Reform Party member Rain Rosimannus are taking full advantage of new legislation passed on the party’s initiative.
[16.10.2015, 11:21] Starting from 25 October 2015, Estonian Air will switch to winter schedule, which will last till the last weekend in March.
[16.10.2015, 11:18] Äripäev writes that also Luisa Vark, pop singer and wife of Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas, is using her private limited company Noodivoti OÜ for avoiding to pay labour tax.
[15.10.2015, 11:16] Attorney Urmas Arumäe writes in Äripäev that readers are not only looking for opinion, but also knowledge.
[15.10.2015, 09:00] An anti-immigration demonstration featuring a torch procession where protestors were chanting „We don’t need refugees“ through nighttime Tallinn on Wednesday ended prematurely at 9.30 pm.
[14.10.2015, 06:56] There is a reason why the Volkswagen case is already being called the most expensive stupidity in German car industry, writes economist Heido Vitsur in Äripäev.
[14.10.2015, 06:55] 33 percent of enterprises plan to increase wages in the nearest few months, shows an annual labour market survey of CV Keskus.
[13.10.2015, 10:13] Äripäev writes that two taxi companies Tallink Takso and Tulika are urging their drivers to stop using Taxify tax booking app and have launched their own joint app called Taxofon.
[13.10.2015, 10:10] Äripäev writes that Estonian tax authority plans to zoom on all businessmen who are saving on labour costs by using private liability companies.
[12.10.2015, 15:12] Postimees writes that business magazine Forbes Eesti is owing salary to several staff members.
[12.10.2015, 15:10] Äripäev writes that TransferWise co-founders Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann have been named Ernst and Young UK Entrepreneurs of the Year 2015.
[12.10.2015, 15:09] In August 394,000 tourists stayed in Estonian accommodation establishments, up 4 percent in a year, Statistics Estonia reports.
[12.10.2015, 15:08] Taavi Kotka, deputy secretary general of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, writes in Postimees that the security flaw discovered in the certificate of the digital identity cards that Estonia has issued to e-residents is regrettable, but nothing but a blip.
[12.10.2015, 15:06]  
[12.10.2015, 12:25] Estonian businessman Raimond Kaljulaid is suggesting that if Estonia spent 25 percent less on defence at around 1.5 percent of GDP instead of 2.07 percent as planned in 2016, it could release an extra 100 million euros that could be used for critically important investments.
[09.10.2015, 11:11] In August 2015, Estonian exports decreased by 6% and imports by 3% compared to August of the previous year.
[09.10.2015, 11:09] Kodumaja Group that manufactures wooden houses has won the Best Enterprise Award issued by Enterprise Estonia, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Estonian Employers’ Confederation.
[08.10.2015, 10:31] Skeleton Technologies, Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-performance, graphene-based ultracapacitors, has won the ECO15 London Award. Part of the Ecosummit 2015 conference in London, the award recognises the best “smart green startup” in Europe.
[08.10.2015, 10:19] Äripäev writes that Olympia Baltic Opportunities Fund, a French investment company that recently acquired the main building of the Police and Border Guard Authority wants to own six buildings by the year-end for up to 200 million euros
[08.10.2015, 10:15] Äripäev writes that the new law on credit providers and brokers that will enter into force next March could end the business of  many companies that are providing instalment payments.
[07.10.2015, 16:04] After Gasum OY cancelled the planned LNG terminal project, the next best choice for a regional LNG terminal is Muuga,according to Vopak E.O.S., a partner in Tallinn LNG Terminal project.
[07.10.2015, 11:24] Postimees writes that a few months before the first Syrian refugees are about to arrive in Estonia, the country does not have sufficient number of intepreters of Arabic.
[07.10.2015, 11:23] Postimees writes from Gdansk that the first of two ferries which Port of Tallinn ordered from the Remontowa shipyard in Poland will be floating already before Christmas.
[07.10.2015, 10:45] Eleven customers and three employees were evacuated from Hotel Schlössle in Pühavaimu street in Tallinn Old Town because of fire that broke out in around 6 am on Wednesday.
[06.10.2015, 10:19] Estonia’s listed ferry operator Tallink Grupp said it carried 632,379 passengers in September, an increase of 6.6 percent year on year.
[06.10.2015, 10:16] A new Eurobarometer survey shows that 83 percent of Estonians are favourable to the euro, the highest support in all EU member states.
[05.10.2015, 13:34] Estonian business lacks of business ethics and integrity, especially if one compares it to Finland, says Toomas Peek, an Estonian telecom businessman and investor.
[05.10.2015, 11:50] Estonia’s new Enterprise Minister Liisa Oviir (SDE) says in Äripäev that the state must reduce bureaucracy and interfere in the economy only if it is vitally important.
[02.10.2015, 11:48] Estonian Air's chief commercial officer and board member Indrek Randveer is leaving Estonian Air and will head Estonian operations of telecommunications company Starman Grupp.
[02.10.2015, 11:34] Äripäev writes that shady Russian banker and founder of Asia Universal Bank (AUB), Mikhail Nadel was applying for Estonian citizenship a few years ago and attempted to start a business in Estonia.
[02.10.2015, 09:58] Postimees writes that a security check by software giant Google has showed that about 250,000 electronic ID cards issued in Estonia including more than 5,000 electronic identity cards issued by Estonia to e-residents are faulty as their certificate does not conform to standard.
[01.10.2015, 16:14] It was a bad day yesterday for Center Party after Harju county court ruled that Mayor of Tallinn and Center Party chairman Edgar Savisaar must be recalled from office.
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