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Investments in real estate in Estonia: trends and risks
Grandman Law Firm [12.05.2014, 15:00] 2 comment
Ilya Zuev, Attorney at Law and Managing Partner at Grandman Law Firm, writes that investments in real estate are usually low risk investments, but in practice it may be quite different.
Baltic M&A Market: 2013 tendencies and 2014 trends
Legalblog SORAINEN [04.02.2014, 17:16]
2013 was another positive year for the Baltic mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market, according to a report by  law firm SORAINEN.
Keep calm and embrace the Euro!
Legal Blog from TRINITI [25.11.2013, 14:55] 13 comment
Estonians are observing Latvia’s change of currency with great interest and support. Below are a few encouraging thoughts as well as experiences from our transition to the new currency, writes Siim Maripuu, lawyer of the Tallinn office of TRINITI, a pan-Baltic alliance of law firms.
Baltic cross-border restructuring of companies: choosing location for headquarter
Legalblog SORAINEN [25.10.2013, 10:37] 2 comment
One of the most significant issues in cross-border merger is the choice of where the headquarters of the company will be, write Zanda Frišfelde and Zane Paeglīte, associates of SORAINEN Latvia.
Please remove the article from the Internet… Not any more!
Legal Blog from TRINITI [08.10.2013, 09:18] 1 comment
Karmen Turk, attorney at TRINITI, a pan-Baltic alliance of law firms, writes that the European Court of Human Rights has recently published a significant precedent judgement regarding media rights on the Internet.
Legal blog from TRINITI: Baltic states ranked as low-risk countries
Legal Blog from TRINITI [10.09.2013, 14:49]
Latvia has been ranked highest of the three Baltic countries at 140th among 178 countries by the Foreign Policy Group and the Fund For Peace, writes Anri Leimanis, attorney of Triniti, a pan-Baltic alliance of law firms.
How to conclude a valid Lithuanian non-competition agreement?
Legal Blog from TRINITI [08.08.2013, 12:00] 1 comment
Vilija Viešūnaitė from TRINITI, a pan-Baltic alliance of law firms, writes that a non-competition agreement is an employee’s commitment not to compete with the employer during the employment contract period and/or the certain period following the termination of the employment contract.
TRINITI analysis suggests establishing Rail Baltic joint venture as soon as possible
Legal Blog from TRINITI [08.08.2013, 11:57] 2 comment
According to a legal study conducted by Pan-Baltic legal alliance TRINITI, commissioned by the Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority to analyse the legal aspects of establishing a Rail Baltic joint venture, the company should be set up as soon as possible, as it is crucial to submit the bid for European Union funding on behalf of the joint beneficiary before the next budget period begins.
Estonian procurement procedure fastest in the Baltics
Legal Blog from TRINITI [24.07.2013, 16:21]
In larger and often EU-funded co-operation projects between the Baltic States as well as in business of pan-Baltic companies subjected to obligatory public procurement the practical question arises: should Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian procurement regulation be preferred? writes Tõnis Tamme, attorney-at-TRINITI, a pan-Baltic alliance of law firms.
On Latvia's euro changeover from 1 January 2014
Legal Blog from TRINITI [22.07.2013, 11:08] 2 comment
At a meeting in Brussels on July 9, European Union finance ministers officially agreed to make Latvia the 18th member of the Eurozone. Latvia will start using the new currency on January 1, 2014, writes Anri Leimanis from Triniti, pan-Baltic alliance of law firms.
New directions in European state aid law
Legal Blog from TRINITI [06.06.2013, 13:59]
Taivo Ruus, partner of Triniti, a pan-Baltic alliance of law firms, writes about a landmark judgement made by the European Court of Justice at the end of 2012 on prohibited state aid.
Is bankruptcy only for the rich?
Legal Blog from TRINITI [30.05.2013, 09:54]
Laurynas Vaicekauskas, attorney of pan-Baltic alliance of law firms, writes that the Law on Personal Bankruptcy that came into force in March of 2013 in Lithuania provides for a possibility for individuals riddled with financial problems to get rid of their debt burdens, at least in theory. However, a detailed analysis of the legal provisions revealed that in reality the bankruptcy would be accessible only to the affluent individuals with high income.
Why franchise?
Legal Blog from TRINITI [09.05.2013, 15:59]
Anri Leimanis, attorney of TRINITI, a pan-Baltic alliance of  law firms, writes on the subject of franchising.
One patent to cover 25 EU states
Legal Blog from TRINITI [23.04.2013, 10:27] 1 comment
The EU has started making efforts to create a unified European patent system which is likely to enter into force in the first half of 2014, writes Vilija Viesunaite, partner and attorney at law of pan-Baltic law alliance TRINITI.
Legalblog TRINITI: How to settle cross-border disputes
Legal Blog from TRINITI [18.04.2013, 12:21] 1 comment
Settlement of cross-border cases and problems related to enforcement of judicial decision in another Member State has become increasingly more significant, writes Anni Prants from TRINITI, a pan-Baltic cross-border legal practice.
Does Estonian labour law apply to aliens working in Estonia?
Legal Blog from TRINITI [22.03.2013, 23:13] 3 comment
Several international corporations have established branches in Estonia and the number of such branches is expected to grow in the future. Therefore it is apparent that the matters of applying the Estonian labour law to alien employees need to be explained in a short format, writes attorney Ramil Pärdi.
Bankruptcy as an exit option
Les Nemethy [20.03.2013, 17:00]
Little has been said about bankruptcy as an option for exit although it is an option that should be considered seriously for quite a number of companies.
Recent developments of the Baltic venture capital market
Legal Blog from TRINITI [15.03.2013, 16:07] 3 comment
Linas Sabaliauskas, attorney-at-law and partner of TRINITI, a Baltic alliance of law firms, writes that in the near future venture capital markets in the Baltic States are going to expand even more rapidly, providing new opportunities and opening new possibilities to the players of the private equity and venture capital markets.
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